Marijuana Leaf Solves Health Challenges using Blockchain

The Cannacor cryptocurrency platform is a decentralized system that adopts the pure hereditary Marijuana Leaf production, filtration of cannabis with the blockchain Cryptocurrency companies for cannabis usage in healthcare and also advancement of medications for the avoidance of conditions as well as pandemics. Cannabis, as seen around the world, is considered a no-go-area for human use. The platform primarily represents a shift from the standard. It chooses to establish cannabis as a health care item in its ideal point of view as well as an application for treatment, prevention as well as basic therapy of individuals. This it selects likewise to accomplish via the use of blockchain cryptocurrency application, wise contract use of Etheruem ERC-20 standard. This verifies clearly the focal point of the platform as well as additionally the monetary value it will certainly attract greatly for the users.


Marijuana Leaf features

The Cannacor blockchain system is distinctively a system created to house the ideal framework for the production of clinical items from cannabis ( Marijuana Leaf ). These nonetheless is collectively created with a special set of functions. These features include as follows:

The Best Supply Chain Management

The Cannacor platform is developed within the structure of the supply chain monitoring process. This will ensure a viable administration, planning, analysis as well as also unbiased accomplishment of the laid out job goals, objectives and also task timelines.

Unique Decentralized Structure

The Cannacor system is made in a decentralized fashion, hence this makes it easy for customers to explore as well as inspect updates no matter their area, geographical factor of reference. This validates, on top of that, the functional essence of not been a central system. Additionally, the platform makes use of the Etheruem ERC-20 structure, which allows it to be more flexible for exchanges in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Powerful Production and Cultivation Management System

The Cannacor platform can objectively be successful through its production as well as farming administration procedure. This is generally what the system is everything about. This is the model, that the group developed for correct documents and also best team management, as it does process validation of manufacturing as well as cultivation systems. Additionally, this enhances as well as develops the standard for which the customers can much better comprehend just how the cultivation of cannabis is done, how it’s been refined, packaged and additionally utilized as a supplement for individuals. Essentially, the platform makes use of the blockchain anagram for its cryptocurrency funding as well as thereby making it enormously trustable for the individuals. In addition, the system collaborates with the entire process through this design. This is basically what it represents on its global front for users.

Process Evaluation System

The Cannacor procedure evaluation of the platform is made uniquely to boost the potential customer’s procedure model for effective and also efficient advantages accomplishments or attainable for the individuals. This, the group considers as its standard focus for accomplishing the gains of the platform generally.

100% Scalable

The Cannacor can house billions of procedures at the same time as well as can additionally function without freezing out in general. This is the importance as well as one-of-a-kind framework for making the platform more reputable and dependable for individuals.

Regulatory and also Conformity management

The Cannacor has a layout structure for cannabis ( Marijuana Leaf ) regulatory and also compliance management for its production procedure, packaging and also a lot more.

CannaCorCoin Allocation

CannaCor Coin Allocation

Cannacor Fund Distribution

CannaCor Roadmap

The Cannacor hopes to attain its job emphasis, by planning as well as establishing the ideal version. This has documented via its roadmap plan.

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