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Grocery and retail have been one of the markets yet to shift towards more online sales and is still dominated by brick and mortar stores where store owners push for lower prices for producers yet charge consumers at exorbitant rates in order to maximize profits. This means that consumers at the end of the supply chain cannot influence prices even though they are the most important factor in the chain. This requires a new age business model that solves problems the online grocery industry may face. Coolomats is one such solution – a global ecosystem of producers and consumers supported by the endemic token – that has already gained a significant following in Poland.

Problems faced in the Grocery sector

Prices controlled by big grocery chains.
Prices, Service and Convenience are not proportional.
Producers lack direct access to consumers.
Brick and mortar stores are less convenient while online stores propose high costs.
Home delivery of products can be expensive and inefficient.

Benefits of using Coolomat

Built on the blockchain platform Coolomat offers trust, transparency, and decentralization. End users gain high-quality products at lower prices and faster delivery, more diversity, and traceability of products. Producers get direct access to consumers and can offer food at attractive prices while using feedback achieved to improve. Use of tokens result in one market for the cryptocurrency community and opens new doors for new players to revolutionize the sector. Large retail chains can also use the ecosystem to attract future customers.


Coolomat is a direct marketplace for direct sales between consumers and producers built on an Opensource e-commerce platform. Coolomat has introduced its own token system that can be used for purchases, stored in wallets or traded. Developers are part of a bounty system that rewards them for their contributions.

Click and Collect Network

The success of Coolomat can largely be attributed to the Click and collect scheme that has been benefited by the network of coolomat machines.

Coolomats are machines that are externally situated and remotely managed. They come with cooled and deep-frozen lockers. Click and collect points allow purchases through CMK tokens and merge cryptocurrencies with existing policies. This system is available to use by other interested parties like retailers which provide an additional source of revenue. All parties are encouraged to trade ie deliver and collect goods via these clicks and collect machines which lowers delivery costs. These machines are provided to retailers on a transaction based or monthly fee.

Coolomat is not just a network of lockers, there have been many technological advances made as the system is centrally managed and can be accessed via the API. Temperature can be remotely set accordingly so that lockers are ready for products. These machines are the lowest energy consumers available and are part of our sustainable network.

Since Coolomat is built using blockchains and decentralization ensure traceability and transparency in the system which means that the buyer can track the product from its producer to all its stages in the ecosystem. It is also possible to acquire details like farmer details, temperature, time stamps etc about the product that will assuage any concerns about quality.

Coolomat Market Token Flow

Coolomat Token

The Coolomat Market Token (CMK) is offered to the community during crowdsale and is defined as a utility token that can be used for :
Payments on the platform.
Incentivize customers with smart contracts.
Integrate smart contracts with the system.
Lower prices without loyalty payouts.


Consumers can use the token to pay for online purchases, trade on cryptocurrency exchanges, receive loyalty payments, to collect refunds, incentives, and reimbursements and support cross-platform purchases.

Producers, farmers, and sellers can use CMK to pay for services, as incentives to leave reviews, for loyalty programs on the platform and to trade with exchanges based on market valuations.

Advantages of the Coolomat machines

Producers are offered a temperature sensitive parcel solution without expensive packaging and improved courier efficiency. Coolomat also reduces the carbon footprint and offers relief from traffic jams. Acquisition of new clients becomes easier and a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

Consumers receive 24×7 service with reduced delays due to traffic and rush. Pick-up is provided at the most convenient locations with payment also available at pick-up.

Coolomat has partnered with retail chains like Auchan Direct, Carrefour, Rano Zebrano and in order to reach a wider audience.


Purchasing groceries

Consumers can choose from a variety of options and pay with CMK and set up the point of delivery and payment. An integrated search engine is also available for quick searches and transfer of tokens to wallets and other exchanges are possible. Smart contracts allow users to leave reviews the following purchase and be rewarded accordingly.

Selling groceries

Producers can advertise and sell their products on the platform along with CMK tokens to incentivize customers. In case a user does not have tokens then he can pay in the currency of his choice which will be converted to tokens in the background ensuring a frictionless user experience. Depending on the level of the package chosen by the producer he has levied a fee for services rendered.


Producers deliver products to Coolomat machines where customers can pick them up from. In case of fragmented orders ie from different sellers, orders are processed at an external center, grouped and then delivered as one or if the customer wishes for fragmented delivery then it is delivered accordingly.


Whitelisted customers leave reviews and a rating score is directly written on the blockchain. Reviews are moderated to avoid inappropriate comments. Producers can challenge reviews but ratings are unaltered. Each rating results in the user being rewarded with a certain number of CMK tokens.

Coolomat Market Team

Coolomat is led by an executive team of eclectic professionals who are leaders in their own fields.
CEO – Andrej Vidmar, a blockchain enthusiast with profound knowledge of the IT industry.
COO – Marcin Warzocha, cloud services expert.
CTO – Jure Doler, who is known for his innovative handling of IT solutions.
CIO – Gregor Pohajac, Chief software architect.

The team is assisted by a board of advisors with experience in delivering the goods in every field they have worked in. The board consists of leaders like Jacek Blonski, Rok Babic, Szymon Kurzyca, and prof. Ales Kuhar Ph.D.

Coolomat Market Partners

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