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Eloncity under the subtitle of power the world for free is preliminary for decentralizing their power of infrastructure into millions of self-adequate microgrids. Hence eloncity concerns to provide a high-level technical backdrop of the Eloncity model for above decentralized renewable energy campaigns and projects while Eloncity platform energizing the blockchain ecosystem for building and developing decentralized energy resources. To understand the content clearly, terminology related with Eloncity ecosystem is highly significant.

Despite tremendous strides in modern life technological innovation, the existing grid is largely built on an aging design. Consequently, centralized power grids by this time face significant challenges in providing safe, reliable, secure, and affordable energy services. The issues that may occur due to this modern centralized power grid can be underlined as Environmental and Public Health Problems, Safety and Reliability Problems, Adaptability and Resilience and Unaffordable Electricity Cost. The solutions to these problems are absolutely important to overcome the challenges of natural disasters, population growth, and climate change, new approaches to energy production and distribution. Firstly, A decentralized renewable energy architecture, which comprises of A high-performance blockchain technology platform, A crypto utility token (Eloncity Token, ECT), An intelligent networked battery energy storage system (BESS), Customer-sited or community-based renewable generation, such as solar PVs coupled with an intelligent networked BESS and Community DC power network secondly, Community-driven planning and implementation warrant the enduring success of the community’s transition into the sustainable, regenerative energy future, thirdly, Combined performance-based projects with revolving loans fund create an effective strategy for mobilizing the private capitals to drive wide-scale adoption of decentralized renewable energy and lastly, A collaborative and equitable regulatory framework facilitates leveled-field markets to mitigate imbalanced market powers, unleash market innovations, protect the energy consumer, and support the local economy.

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Additionally, the advantages of the Eloncity could be highlighted as Open and Secured Energy Transaction -, Unified and Efficient Energy Marketplace, lower costa, greater reliability, increased safety, social benefits, GHG emission reduction, adaptation, economic development, low emission transportation and environmental benefits and public health. Therefore the potential markets for the Eloncity Solution would be the components that are being served by fossil fuel and nuclear powered centralized grid, or areas that lack electricity services. Eloncity implementation roadmap delineates into three primary phases: the Foundation collaborated with a coalition of global partners, the Foundation will collaborate with research and education institutions, public agencies, local governments, local utilities, global technology partners, financing partners, and community-based organizations and the Foundation will focus on mass-market transformation.

Analyzing the milestones from 2014 are embedded in another three pillars of the Eloncity programmatic framework as shown in Figure-1; 1) Eloncity Community Development; 2) Performance-based project financing and revolving loans; 3) Collaborative and equitable regulatory framework. These three pillars and technological pillars are created to accelerate the proliferation of the Eloncity Model based on four means; Overcome Entrenched Barriers, Calibrated and Tailored Solution, Stimulated Demands and Propagation tools.


Coming to Eloncity team, Andy Li is the Co-founder who previously led ChinaCache to build the content distribution network (CDN) Internet infrastructure and there is seven management body to inspect the full ecosystem. The advisors under the prominence of Howard Choy, the local government and public agencies support the Eloncity collaborative network. There are ten advisors overall to examine the capacity of decentralized energy ecosystems to acquire the target market and compete with competitors.

In terms of the technology of Eloncity, Decentralized Energy Architecture (EDEA), an ecosystem of decentralization technologies and crypto economic tools will be unconditionally useful to enable the shared regenerative energy economy. On the other hand, the crypto economic framework in centralized grids, the utility uses time-of-use (ToU) retail energy rates to influence customer energy consumption behaviors. Thus, recent innovations in blockchain technology and crypto economics engineering designs have enabled the development of Eloncity energy exchange platform that combines high-speed community network with intelligent hardware, software and crypto utility tokens. In this regard, Real-time dynamic pricing is a highly effective tool to optimize elastic energy supply and demand.

Eloncity token protocol and token together itself approach the decentralized energy storage such as solar PV or windmills to produce energy intermittently and thus cannot be counted on as reliable primary energy supply. Hence, Eloncity token protocol specifies hardware devices and power network requirements for peer devices to exchange electricity on the blockchain platform where the Eloncity Token designed to facilitate energy exchange within an Eloncity microgrid and among adjacent Eloncity microgrids.

Furthermore, Eloncity multifaceted approach together with Eloncity Model is designed holistically and systemically, to integrate social, economic, regulatory and financing dimensions to aid the technological progress. Subsequently, Eloncity community development is set up to be powerfully socially relevant and economically attractive as it is based on a universal principle that the new energy economy will be one OF the people, FOR the people, BY the people. At last, they keep their prospect in the mind about Lithium battery advancement and carbon credits to study this subject and identify the appropriate pathway to use the carbon credit for advancing the commonwealth of Eloncity communities.

More Details of Eloncity ICO :
Official Website: https://eloncity.io
Whitepaper: https://eloncity.io/download/Eloncity_WhitePaper_V0.87_20180626_Final_Release.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/eloncity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Eloncity_io
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4465922



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