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The energy industry is still dominated by fossil fuel companies whose fuel is neither sustainable nor clean. These sources of energy are fast dwindling and will not able to handle the ever-increasing demand. Moreover, the harmful aftereffects they cause will linger for extremely long periods. The need of the hour is cleaner and sustainable sources of energy that can reach the customer without the involvement of any middlemen. This will help reduce costs and electrify remote areas.

WPP Energy Gmbh, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland is a global leader in the renewable energy industry with numerous projects to their name across the globe. Their mission is a simple one – use innovative and disruptive technology to produce and provide affordable, efficient and 100% clean energy.

WPP Energy has its businesses centered on 3 main categories:

Government Projects

WPP has existing energy projects worth $ 50 billion with governments across the globe. WPP is likewise a joint endeavor companion in countless nations on a federal government level to give eco-friendly power for a duration of 35 years. These contracts include PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreements), converting MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) into electricity and byproducts that can be used in local markets.

WPP has an ever-increasing business with partnerships in more and more countries including projects to build green villages and cities that can house up to 200,000 in a matter of just two years. They have also been contracted to build vertical agricultural towers.

WPP aims to use its technology to help second and third world countries to handle their energy problems and contribute a portion of the profits from their token sales to this purpose.

WPP Energy’s Two Digital platforms

Global Green Energy platform is used to capture power production data from Green energy producers across the globe who are willing to provide clean power to willing customers at reasonable rates. This platform aims to change the industry for both the seller and consumer as WPP platform captures the data via the transmission. This data includes the type of energy, amount available, the price of the energy and its location. This will enable WPP to reduce the costs of green energy.

WPP Exchange platform is one that will integrate the various energy and Crypto Mining cryptocurrencies into a new platform, allowing trade between currencies and increasing liquidity.

Disruptive Green Energy Solutions

WPP Energy Mobile Power Station – This is a stand-alone energy solution capable of producing 1-2.5 MW/h of electricity that requires only a water line hook-up and can be delivered anywhere in the world. This will solve a portion of the world’s energy crisis and become the choice for cryptocurrency mining and a clean and inexpensive energy source for large, medium and small industries. Demands from cryptocurrency mining will increase demand for the WPP solution and help offset costs. These plants are secure, self-contained and quiet.

HHO Clean conversion of Fossil Fuel sources – WPP has developed a scheme to convert the polluting energy sources into a greener one. This solution to be implemented globally will clean up the industry, reduce operating costs and increase efficiency while reducing energy costs.

HHO Home Units – This is a scheme under development that will pay for itself in under two years, freeing users of bills and reducing dependence on utility provider.


The different types of green energy involved with WPP are :

Ocean Mechanical
Ocean Thermal

WPP Energy App

Token & Rebate Program

WPP Tokens are the cryptocurrency of choice on the WPP network and can be used to pay utility bills, as payment for all energy transactions, incentives and to trade between different exchanges.

As an innovative cryptocurrency driven program hosted on the blockchain platform, rebates are tied into the purchases and reward customers for going green and saying no to pollution. Rebates are also offered for customers who purchase using WPP Tokens at 1.25x values. Membership is free and users end up making money by using WPP. The program will partner with all entities that wish to further the reach of green energy schemes.

Key Targets for the WPP green energy scheme are the military, cryptocurrency miners, and large industries or townships.


WPP Energy Team

WPP Energy was founded by Rafael Ben the President and Chairman of the organization. Other members of the core team include Robert Kohn, President of the Green Energy Rebate Program, Troy Macdonald, COO and HEH Sharif Ahmad Bin Zuhir Bin Mohammad Bin Jaber Al Natour, Chief Executive for the Middle East & North Africa Region.

Alongside a board of advisors exists to assist and guide the core team in their goal of green energy with members like Heinrich W Otterpohl, Mehmet Durmaz, Junyeol Seo, Anders Larsson and Jason Hung, all experts, and innovators in their fields.

WPP Energy Partners

WPP Energy ICO Ratings

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