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What is Aurix Exchange

What is Aurix Exchange?

Aurix Exchange is a global marketplace where crypto enthusiasts may purchase high-quality coins and digital chips. Aurix has been established by Majed Mohsen (CEO). The platform is developed to maintain stable, secure, and automated transactions. Through their innovative technologies, you can make an online business transaction and yet hold your identity secret. Your money is encrypted and secured from the grasp of hackers and crypto criminals. 

Aurix Exchange Overview

Aurix helps consumers to buy and trade as many digital currencies as they would like in a couple of seconds. The exchange shall retain the highest standard of protection to guarantee that the funds are secure. And it’s easy for people to trade for both the smartphone and the desktop—everything is unrestricted. 

Investors who pay in AUR can get an extra discount on the website. In the Aurix app, all is seamless, taking all of the goods and solutions that they provide in one place—including selling, exchanges, purchases, and rewards management. 

Mission of Aurix 

  • To make the world of cryptocurrency more open and user-friendly. 
  • To provide users with quick access to their crypto money, trading options, and several more convenient technical solutions. 
  • Enhancing the substitution of the existing financial structure with decentralized finance. 


Vision of Aurix 

To make this idea come alive, they are doing their utmost to reinterpret how crypto capital is being transferred, raised, and invested. They have created high-tech solutions that enable individuals and organizations to use cryptocurrencies as effectively as they use fiat. They also seek to attract more beginners and allow them to turn to simpler and more useful crypto financial services. 

Key products of Aurix 

  1. Aurix Exchange
  2. Card Visa/MasterCard
  3. Aurix Plugins.


Aurix Token Staking

Users are required to use their Aurix token to support the operation of our blockchain network. The advantages accrued to consumers are calculated by the quantities of AUR locked in for the validation of blockchain functions. This may vary from concessions on trade fees and cashback to the expansion of the loan. 


  • Symbol Token: AUR 
  • Form of Blockchain: ERC-20 
  • The function of Tokens: Utility 
  • Aurix Exchange App


Aurix Pay Store Plugins 

With their plugins, companies and e-commerce platforms will embrace cryptocurrencies in service. This exclusive is compliant with a variety of systems. Through installing the plugin at the end of the customer, consumers may either pay in cryptocurrencies or get the same anywhere. Customers will finish their purchase with a few clicks on their cell phone in a twinkle of an eye. 

Aurix Exchange Card

Aurix Card 

Their debit card is enabled by the MasterCard/Visa payment network and is linked to the wallet of the recipient. This makes it easier to provide cashback to their customers on their regular sales and all orders. This is not the case for their rivals who bill their consumers for transactions and orders. 

They sell up to 9 percent cashback to customers’ e-wallets, which are allowed by the DeFi hitch-free scheme. Payments with their card can be handled conveniently via the app. 

Why should you choose Aurix? 

  • Trustworthy: located in the reliable purview of the United States of America. 
  • Secure: Developed by network safety professionals, guarantee that the assets are secured
  • 24/7 Support: Upgraded every day, daily news review and trending View Outline Instruments 
  • Cloud Protection: built-in equipment pool and cloud storage 
  • Trading: All computer-controlled resources have fluid exchange packages. 
  • Responsive Design: The Board’s imaginative resource on PC and Mobile 


They have their own coin Aurix token, but it’s not the only option that clients need to choose. Aurix token provides certain additional benefits to their consumers, such as reduced exchange costs but not necessary.

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