CEZO – No 1 Reliable Operating System for DApps

What is CEZO

CEZO is a comprehensive decentralized OS infrastructure that enables the complete ecosystem demanded and needed by complex DApp computing. CEZO node is a self-contained OS that can apply off-chain computing, challenge or accept the results given by many other nodes.

Working on a system that operates both off-chain and Blockchain, CEZO is intended to be a framework that compensates for sluggish computing and distributing data through the conventional Blockchain throughput. It does so by offering a two-layer computing solution where parallel data processing, including those concerning smart contracts, is carried out by Blockchain nodes and nodes via CEZO. 

When doing so, dApp tackles the number of potential disadvantages of Blockchain services that hinder the broader implementation of technology in most industries. It would also help to develop innovative dApp platforms that are primarily tailored to delivering additional computational speeds for all other current dApps on the market and others that would arise from the eventual acceleration of technology acceptance.

CEZO Operating System

Off-chain and blockchain operation

CEZO Operates on two layers, both off-chain and on-chain. Both have their roles and functions to perform and are important for the smooth running of computation, as well as factors that require protection and efficiency. Starting with off-chain service, the two key tasks include computation execution and conflict resolution, which could be required when estimates have been questioned. 

Off-chain computing depends on a variety of core scripting elements that will determine the behavior the system will take about the role the developers want. It may be anything from altering the terms, to the equipment attached to the method, to the condition of the computer itself. As regards the assistance given to resolve conflicts, this is achieved by comparison application and help for floating points, which are very widespread among off-chain operations.

CEZO Tokens

Cezo Tokens

Cezo is airdropping 1000 tokens for their very first participants. To receive their tokens, follow them on social media to know what’s happening currently. 

Cezo off-chain nodes

CEZO runs on both Blockchain and off-chain, both of which involve nodes. However, they are off-chain nodes where CEZO is actually important. They are composed of the whole dApp system, both in terms of applications and hardware parts. Users that wish to use the dApp would be working with the nodes and require their own nodes too. Developers and clients will be supplied with nodes and will be the sole liability of the creator. 

These nodes come with native modules for off-chain processes. They can have access to the computing resources of the hardware that houses the node, and also the complete storage that corresponds with it. Verifiable computations are often made possible by utilizing the reference implementations via these nodes. More specifically, it is via these off-chain nodes that the framework will communicate with the main block for authentication and completion. Losing access to these nodes implies losing access to the appropriate node’s Network of Blockchain.


Summary: Cezo is a system that makes up for the slow computing and delivery of data by traditional throughput. It offers a two-layer computing approach where parallel processing of data, such as those relating to smart contracts, is done by nodes and nodes through CEZO. CEZo operates both on blockchain and off-Chain, both of which include nodes, but the OS is made up of the whole dApp infrastructure.


Website: https://cezo.io
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Telegram Group:  https://t.me/cezo_io

Medium: https://medium.com/@cezo_io
Whitepaper: https://cezo.io/CEZO_wp_1.01.pdf

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