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There is a brand new generation of school savvy shoppers United Nations agency are getting more and more aware that their personal information is being employed for targeted selling. YDS believe that customers would be willing to share additional of their personal information for selling and advertising functions if they were rewarded for it.

Advertising pay isn’t presently distributed amongst the buyer and publisher. Instead, solely information Management Platforms and publishers area unit rewarded for sharing client information that raises the question on why shoppers can share their information currently GDPR (General information Protection Regulation) legislation is currently effective.

YDS have associate degree open and agnostic approach once it involves selecting the specified blockchain technologies. Ability and measurability could be a key focus for the business because it is for the whole blockchain system. We have a tendency to make sure that our business model is future-proof which there’s flexibility designed into our subject field and system style. 

As Blockchain technologies still mature the linguistics arguments of whether or not a particular technology could be a “blockchain” or a “distributed ledger technology” have magnified. YDS likely “blockchain” and “distributed ledger technology” to be effectively equivalent once determination our business needs. Each operate as a mutual, accord based mostly system with no hierarchy of centralised higher cognitive process or management, a distributed information store associate degreed an append solely ledger. The precise mechanics of the accord system – proof of labor, proof of stake and proof of authority – area unit secondary issues in selecting the blockchain ledger technology.

YDS is addressing the wants of shoppers by giving them management of their information and making a good and property model for sharing information that redistributes the worth back to the buyer and rightful information owner. On the YDS platform shoppers area unit rewarded with YDS Tokens for sharing information with the businesses and makes they care concerning, employing a self-sovereign billfold that allows users to be the custodians of their own information. YDS Tokens may be utilized in variety of various ways in which.

The four Key Areas of YDS

YDS Network

The YDS Network could be a token based mostly GDPR compliant personal information rewards platform. The YDS Network is going to be designed via the creation of client profiles. This may enable the buyer to have and monetize their personal information.

YDS Virtual DPO

The YDS Virtual DPO can provide the secure management of GDPR Policies and Procedures beside virtual information Protection Officer. Several corporations don’t have a registered information Protection Officer or member of workers with the knowledgeable information needed to manage or maintain the businesses GDPR compliance.

YDS Academy

The YDS Academy is our cloud based mostly education platform. Our academy can enable corporations to confirm that workers are trained in line with current laws.

YDS Cloud

The YDS Cloud is associate degree encrypted cloud facility for file sharing and storage. Blockchain and localized storage has immense application potential once it involves GDPR. YDS are going to be giving secure storage facilities, wherever we’ll provide purchasers the power to store records.

YDS basically trouble the method that giant corporations and organisations area unit benefiting from the information of people, most of whom area unit unaware that they’re doing therefore. YDS believe that there’s an improved and fairer method for the world’s personal information to be shared and monetised, a good distribution of the worth among the information system. The proposal is that profits generated from information sharing are going to be decentralised amongst users on the YDS platform.

A token could be a blockchain script that may store information and alter its state supported predefined logic. The state of the script will solely be modified supported predefined rules, since the information isn’t controlled by one central entity and desires the accord of users of the blockchain network.

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Official Website: https://yourdatasafe.io
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