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The cannabis business is presently one amongst the quickest growing industries within the world, particularly within the USA, Canada and Europe, and above-average growth rates square measure expected to continue for the approaching years. The wave of worldwide legalization is increasing the demand for accessories and solutions required for everyday use during this space. At a similar time, the numbers of counterfeit prescriptions also are increasing, that could be a major downside for several pharmacies, doctors and insurance firms.

Blockchain technology makes payments with cryptocurrency and provides the platform for intelligent contract implementation (smart contracts). Payment of the acquisition value with cryptocurrency within the Jibbit network takes place directly and while not banks. The intelligent implementation of the contract and therefore the use of the blockchain makes the transactions as safe and quick as attainable. The clear dealings history permits the customer and vender to examine in real time as before long because the payment arrives at the notecase. This will increase the boldness

In the service and makes on-line searching safer and additional enticing. Simple, one-dimensional guarantees square measure created at every step, and this is often what customers expect during a multi-billion marketplace. That’s precisely why we have a tendency to square measure making this technique, Jibbit isn’t simply a token, and it’s AN eco-system that doesn’t however exist within the market, during this type.

Jibbit GmbH is functioning on many package solutions for the cannabis market, with 3 core sectors. Marketplace for accessories, the Jibbit Marketplace; delivery service for cannabis, the Jibbit Runner; mecal cannabis space, the Jibbit Doc.

One of the most options employed by Jibbit is Block-chain technology. It makes payments on the platform clear, anonymous and as safe as attainable for all parties concerned. Different criteria embrace reducing dealings and business prices and simplifying the getting method. Decentralization, globalization, and therefore the opportunities provided by the employment of cryptocurrency within the network square measure our competitive benefits over different firms that have similar solutions on the market.

The introduction of an internet medical consultation time is additionally planned via AN app, pill or computer. This enables patients to additional brazenly describe their symptoms and to additional simply specific their want for a cannabis-based drug to the doctor. The delivery of the drugs is completed through the pharmacy delivery service on to your home and so the fears of being recognized as a cannabis client, once memorizing at the pharmacy, square measure a issue of the past. The patient’s inhibition threshold, towards the employment of medical cannabis, may be considerably reduced.

The solution could be a blockchain-based system and a brand new cryptocurrency that provides the cannabis business the liberty and variety it has to grow. The aim is to form a novel, revolutionary network that meets the ever increasing demands of the apace growing cannabis market. Every user of the Jibbit network is given the benefits of blockchain technology. No bank, credit establishment or different central system will stop or complicate transactions. Jibbit ought to set a revolutionary and innovative normal.

Through your participation in our Jibbit token (JIB) sale, you have got the chance to support Jibbit and to assist revolutionize the cannabis market worldwide, in addition as promote its legalization. We have a tendency to square measure convinced that the terribly complicated and opaque cannabis market ought to be modernized by the employment of blockchain technology. The associated obscurity, transparency and security square measure meant to boost this space and to strengthen the trust of the participants. This may conjointly improve the world’s poor image of cannabis. With nearly 200m individuals, the cannabis community is one amongst the most important within the world. Jibbit token (JIB) builds on the Ethereum network and can befits the ERC-20 normal and it plays the central role within the Jibbit network.



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For More Details of JIBBIT:
Official Website: https://jibbit.io
Whitepaper: https://jibbit.io/whitepaper
Telegram: https://t.me/jibbitico
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4315020.new#new
GitHub: https://github.com/JibbitGmbH




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