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The world is always moving with people finding little to no time for leisure, but one of the available options for leisure in their limited schedules is video entertainment. Movies, Tv Series and videos of all natures that are viral on social media are a popular entertainment option. There are numerous platforms available for users to stream content like Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and so on. The issue that exists here is that large studios and middlemen determine what content is viewed and also charge exorbitant rates for it. Additionally, the design of these platforms is purely transactional and does not leave any room for engagement within the community of users.

Spuul aims to tackle these issues through the use of blockchain technology and its large community of viewers who use the platform and are willing to pay for the content they view. This will give it leverage to compete with the large studios and content developers. It also aims to drive up the usage and adoption of their native token – SPOKKZ.

How it works

  • Private issuance of tokens – Users have to commit upfront for the content they wish to watch and may receive a discount using tokens. Incentives are also provided to funders if the content they pre-fund does well on other platforms.
  • Community engagement – Users receive rewards in the form of tokens for reviewing, rating and analyzing the content available on the platform. These rewards can later be converted to desired crypto or fiat currencies.
  • Viral reward token – Users are provided with incentives to share and view content and advertisements in a way that benefits even non-users of the platform.
  • Content Distribution rewards –  The Spuul P2P protocol is used to enable content sharing between users and reward them for it and use tokens to increase the velocity of sharing.
  • Secure wallet – An ERC20 based wallet is integrated into Spuul’s existing wallet which provides links to exchanges that deal in SPOKKZ allowing users to trade easily.

Spokkz ecosystem


Spuul uses key features of the blockchain to transfer rewards between users and share content optimally. The various stakeholders in the Spuul network are

  • Community: Spuul’s video application is the first dApp on the blockchain and already possesses a significant user network and revenue. A reward system is developed for all token users as an incentive to watch, share, like, write reviews of, comment and like the cast of, and suggest new content for Tv shows and movies. Once users collect tokens they can then be traded for fiat currencies on any ICO or exchange.


  • Content Creator: Spuul has developed a crowd-funded platform for video content that can also support licensing of certain content like sports from the funds earned through viewership. This funding is currently being done by Spuul itself. This allows Spuul to gain an equity in the content it promotes, building its intellectual property catalog.


  • Stars: Starpower determines viewership of content and Spuul with increasing popularity can become a place for stars to engage with fans and boost their own popularity. Spuul will launch a dApp for community interaction through which users can be invited by the stars to sets in return for tokens. Users can also be rewarded with tokens by the stars for reviews and suggestions. This enables better circulation of tokens.


  • Advertisers: Advertisers can buy tokens to select advertisement spots within the economy across platforms which will help in the growth of the economy. With growth will come increasing value of the economy.


  • E-commerce: E-commerce is a crucial part of the shopping experience but an issue that exists there is the poor social marketing which in turn means fewer people returning. Sppul can be used by vendors to trade in tokens and also build a loyalty system to encourage social engagement.


How does Spuul earn?

Initially, Spuul will co-fund movies and tv shows. Following the token release, SPOKKZ will be used to fund 2 movie projects partially along with producers. The community can also contribute by buying tickets through tokens. In return, Spuul receives an equity in the movie project which can be monetized over its lifetime. Using this revenue further projects are funded and a cycle is formed that benefits funders, users and content producers.


Spuul will generate a total of 1billion SPOKKZ and released publically at USD 0.08 per token. Crowd sale and token generation event will be handled by SPOKKZ Global Foundation Ltd, a Singapore based company that will issue the smart contracts on Ethereum. The proceeds from crowdsale will be used towards to content funding and acquisition, marketing and promotions, platform software and operations, and expenses and contingency funds.  

Team& Partners

The core team at Spuul comprises of Co-founders Subin Subiah (CEO) and S Mohan (COO), CEO – Spuul India Rahul Vaidya, CFO Krishanu Singhal, Head of content D Girish, and Head of Engineering Srihari Y.

Spokkz Team

Advisors to the core team of leaders at Spuul include visionaries and leaders of the industry like Ken Munetaka of Sony Picture Entertainment and former President of BBC Japan, John Ford Director Fidelity China Special Situations Plc, and Alok Kochhar former Vice Chairman (Asia) of Bank of America, Myreel Lynch

Spokkz Partners

Spokkz Partners 2

Spokkz ICO Ratings

More Details of SPOKKZ:
Official Website: https://spokkz.com
Whitepaper: https://spokkz.com/static/documents/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/SpokkzOfficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpokkzOfficial
GitHub: https://github.com/Spuul/spokkz-ico-contracts
Blog: https://blog.spokkz.com



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