What is Melecoin? MELECOIN Project Review 2020

What is MeleCoin

MELECOIN is a big business and the best way to trade actual products and services with the highest degree of protection, beginning with the GCC sector and linking it to global markets. They are dedicated to fulfilling all of their objectives, but they will do this only with your help for them as well as the encouragement of their Board of Directors, advice, and wisdom, as well as the diligent and genuine efforts of their team, their solid alliances.


MELECOIN is a blockchain technology expert for finance e-commerce and investment. They have rounded up the best accomplishments of their counterparts in the field of e-currency, which aims to fix complex issues of e-commerce, smart investing, and banking services, and to extend the reach to the fullest possible extent in the development of a consolidated and decentralized market ecosystem to connect electronic transactions and conventional transactions, documenting

Malecoin Project


Establishment of initiatives in different fields of decentralization, including the selling of goods and the sale of utilities, the gaming industry, the leisure sector, and other areas relevant to Blockchain Technology. 

  • Mining the means of payment systems Cash and transforming it into cryptographic money. 
  • They provide solutions for turning capital into utilities, commodities, and currency. 

They keep track of innovations and search for suitable solutions to establish a degree of balance and execution of initiatives where a platform loyalty scheme is a source of financial benefit for consumers of our apps, e-services, and appealing customer products offerings.


The currency will be included in a variety of exciting projects that will shift the currency sector to the stage where the consumer is reassured to participate in the currency of the MELECOIN. Their proposals are carefully selected and deemed to have low risk and maximum benefit on the basis of comprehensive and in-depth industry analyses.


Malecoin Platform

1) E-Commerce Platform: Is a smart trading network that connects all commercial forms of contracts, shares, cash, products, and services to the goal of BlockChain Technology, a logarithmic mantra that addresses several problems of electronic and conventional exchange.

2) Bank Platform: Is an electronic platform for exchanging money and accessible to several cloud networks, deposit, and sell, transfer and execution of financial transactions utilizing the Technology BlockChain Framework.

3) Real Estate Platform: This is meant to substitute documentation procedures, such as the signature of a temporary selling or purchasing arrangement or a mortgage permit, with a digital license. This could enable users to give the purchaser a certified, authenticated, and signed an intermediate agreement to chosen banks under the BlockChain Framework Technology.

4) Games Platform: No longer wasting time and losing revenue, this BlockChain Network has been set up to allocate revenues to customers in order to build a compromise between game creators and players.

In the first quarter of 2021

* Establishment of an office in Georgia to establish a cloud mining company and on: (01/01/2021) God willing
* The establishment of an office in Kazakhstan to establish a trading company in the World Exchange and its adoption by the Assembly.
* Contracted with several MELECOIN trading platforms
* Contracted with the companies of the alliance to adopt the currency selling at their stores.
Work platforms MELECOIN
MeleBank Bank platform – E-Commerce platform – Platform Games – Education platform – The tourism platform – Services platform Real Estate Platform – Platform loyalty system
Each platform is connected to the blockchain servers.

Summary: Melecoin is a major business and the safest place to exchange real goods and services with the highest standard of security, starting with the GCC market. They’re committed to achieving all of their goals, but they’re just able to do this with your support. They have strategies for transforming money into utilities, commodities, and currency.

For More Details About MELECOIN:

Website: https://melecoin.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/melecoin
Telegram Group:  https://t.me/Melecoincommunity
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MELECurrency
Medium: https://medium.com/@melecoin.net
Whitepaper: https://melecoin.net/images/wp/EN.pdf

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