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The years have seen a rise in the demand for image and video content, a rise that has only been supplemented by a rise in popularity and scope of the various mobile OS platforms and associated mobile applications. These apps spread across the spectrum for information gathering, entertainment, live shoots, and routing etc require high-quality images from established creators that can be used without fear of violating copyrights. This includes a demand for bird’s eye view pictures that can be easily obtained using drones.

Soar is a decentralized platform for high-quality drone content that connects customers with content creators in a secure, trustless, and distributed blockchain community. The first step in this process will be the development of a  specialized drone content marketplace, which has the potential to be used from any corner of the world. Furthermore, drone content integrity can be assured using smart contracts and will ensure authenticity by publishing location, time and equipment. In essence, this will help create a dynamic database of drone content at an unprecedented level of detail.

SOAR vs Google Map

Even with a significant growth of the drone content industry, creators lack a suitable marketplace for licensing and monetization of their content. Soar aims to create a marketplace where

  • Buyers can locate and purchase content with ease
  • Skybounty to reward operators to upload content matching needs
  • Operators can upload content for sale in an open market environment

Through the use of blockchain technology in partnership with the SkySponsor model, Soar provides an immutable record of content creation as well as distribution and support for uploading content. Soar was developed with the intent of using it for military purposes as a geospatial mapping technology. During the subsequent vetting process, Soar’s apparent civilian and commercial applications were identified and following numerous enhancements in the form of game-design, social media workflow, and industrial psychology.


Soar has numerous uses in the market across industries as varied as Infrastructure and asset management, Mining, Agriculture, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Tourism – News – Entertainment, Power, Real Estate, Research, and Security.

Some examples of their applications in these industries include,

  • Monitoring construction, identifying and inspecting assets in need of management, and inventory of assets.
  • Risk and damage assessment in disaster-prone areas, and claim management and fraud prevention.
  • Soil & Field analysis, Thermal monitoring of water and stresses, and crop spraying.
  • Mapping of mining sites, exploration and ecological monitoring, and production monitoring.
  • Detection of fire or risks in firefighting and relief supply during calamities.
  • Film, image and footage capture for films, documentaries, and advertisements.


Soar uses the SkyMap tokens (SKYM), that is ERC20 standard compliant and developed on the Ethereum platform. Its main purpose is to allow customers to utilize the platform and reward content creators. They can also be used to purchase drone content, qualify individuals and organizations as SkySponsor, create SkyBounties for specific areas and provide the economic impetus for the seeding of the world’s first super-map.

token_allocationSKYM is not just a cryptocurrency like BTC, in addition to allowing purchase on the platform, holders of SKYM are also allowed certain interactions with the platform. The price for SKYM in any region depends on the demand and supply for content at a particular time.


For ease of calculation and plotting, the world is divided into a grid, where each cell is divided into sub-grids and further until the desired resolution is achieved. This structure is called the Quadtree and used by mapping software to deliver maps at desired levels of zoom or resolution but with much greater detail than could be achieved by previously available drones.

The content data managed by the Soar platform includes still images at various angles, video content of different resolutions, Aerial maps with a birds-eye view, specialized content like thermal and lidar.

SkyBounty Model

This is a marketplace feature that allows users to gain incentives for participating in the platform. The SkyBounty is a signal that tells local drone operators that the bounty issuer has a demand for specific content within an area. SkyBounties reward operators and their SkySponsors instantly. The growth of Soar in various areas will be supported by bounties created from a portion of the bootstrapping funds available. SkyBounties can be placed on a particular location or grid, but usually, take up a higher zoom to increase its coverage. The issuer submits a certain amount of SKYM to the chosen area which places a value on the grid and rewards creators for content uploads immediately. SkyBounty does not guarantee users will receive a specific type of content but will definitely increase content generation in that area.

SkySponsor Model

An issue that most blockchain based technology face is the barrier to entry and friction during the onboarding process. Here this is mainly the cost of writing to the blockchain and the cost of online file hosting. The SkySponsor model removes the complexities and costs of interacting with a decentralized market. The only requirement for users to become SkySponsors is that they hold a pre-defined number of SKYM ensuring their stake in the marketplace. As a reward for sponsoring content, they share a portion of the revenue their content generates. The content creator submits his content, and once approved by a SkySponsor it is published on the Soar platform. This allows creators to contribute content for free, covers blockchain writing and file hosting costs and sponsors to get a share of revenue.

SkySponsors also bring accountability and credibility to the network as each sponsor has his own criteria to approve content, and his reputation, as well as finances, are dependent on the quality of content. It also allows users who do not own drones to get involved in the community and generate revenue from the platform. With increasing popularity passive generation of revenue increases and market competitiveness increases which means more profits down the line. This model also states that data hosting is the responsibility of the Sponsor, which can be done themselves or as by acquiring the services of third parties like Alibaba. In the second case, if the content is accepted, it is stored in the sponsor’s Alibaba cloud and costs are paid otherwise it is deleted.

The Soar platform is still under development and is available as a website and as a mobile application which can be used to access the database for images, videos and terrain plotting. Drone usage is compliant with all regulations implemented concerning them and is the responsibility of the operator as Soar is just a content marketplace.


The core team at Soar comprises experienced and technically able experts of the industry like  CEO & Founder Amir Farhand, Neil Prentice – Blockchain & Commercialization, Chris Lowe – Lead blockchain Scientist, Charlie Caruso – Head of global marketing, and developers Willem Swanepoel, Marek Tlacbaba, and Alsdair Penman.


Advisors to the core team at Soar include Colonel James Rhetta Retd US Army, Phil Carulli, Guy Perkins, Craig Baldner, and Tommy Shin.


Soar has seen investment from large and popular firms and corporations like Alibaba Cloud, Takor Group, JRRCrypto, lateral Capital Ventures, viaBit, Maxar, and Node Capital.

For More Details of SOAR:

Soar Official Website: https://t.me/SoarEarth
Whitepaper: https://www.soar.earth/whitepaper.html
Campaign Special Link: https://soar.earth/?utm_source=content&utm_medium=bounty
Krypital Bounty Group: https://t.me/KrypitalBounty
Soar Telegram Group: https://t.me/SoarEarth
Krypital News: https://t.me/KrypitalNews
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Soar_Earth
Medium: https://medium.com/soar-earth


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