What is Pikcciochain | World’s First Monetized Personal Data Marketplace

What is Pikcciochain

With the expansion of internet personal data has become a crucial factor. When we use some websites we can experience that they request your personal information and the information gets stored in their databases. In some cases, they track your location details etc. Because of that most of the governments, have been introducing legislation in regards to data privacy and storage. Thorough these regulation people get the power to move personal data from one platform to another and request to delete all personal data from any platform.

If any site collects personal information from the people, they are highly responsible to secure them. But the problem is that such personal information is vulnerable to be hacked. Not only that, if somebody buys or exchanges data from the third party, they have to rely on that third party.  There are several platforms which have been addressed few of the above issues. But Pikciochain has been able to address the all of the issues connected with personal data security.

Pikciochain is the secured blockchain based personal data exchange platform which is designed to offer users the possibility buy and sell verified data.

Pikciochain has been developing four customized products to give much better experience for its end user.

  • PikcioMe for individual users (Suppliers of Data)

This application can be installed on personal devices and allows the users to exchange and verify personal information. It provides a secure data storage, secure data exchange, and easy data certification.

  • PikcioPro

PikcioPro has been specially developed for the businesses (Data consumers). Businesses can get the access to smart contracts to buy and sell certified data with the consent of the data owner.

  • PikcioLab for developers (Designers of smart contracts)
  • PikcioTokenSaleWallet for cryptocurrency enthusiasts (Participants in token sales)

Pikciochain uses PKC tokens backed by NEO platform, as their official currency within the platform. PKC tokens provide the foundation for smart contracts and can be used to purchase customer data. PKC act as an incentive for data producers.

Pikciochain expects to issue 83,088,000 PKCs in total. The total would be made available for platform participants as follows.

5% – for strategic supporters

33% – for token sales – Pre-sale will be kept open until 16th March 2018 and the main sale will be opened on 17th March.

5.4% for NEO allocation

15.8% – for B2C growth pool

25% – for B2B premium inventory

7.7% and 8% for advisors and team respectively

1% for bounty programs

The management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation of the Co-Founders. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Didier Collin De Casaubon – Founder & CEO

Didier has completed his Ph.D. in philosophy. He worked in the banking industry for fifteen years and software industry.

Fabien Bucamp – Co-founder and CTO

He worked at the French department of defense as team manager in-charge of the network security. Now he is responsible for the monitoring and managing software and hardware development work.

Dr. Jorick Lartigau – Co-founder

Jorick obtained his Ph.D. in computer science and now he is responsible to lead research and development function within the platform.

Pikcciochain expects to expand their platform globally in near future. So they have lined up annual milestones for 2018 as follows.

  • Designing MIP
  • Releasing proof of activity protocol
  • Registering Pik.me wallet
  • Releasing PikcioLab
  • Executing Pikcio MIP
  • Releasing Pikciochain iSO wallet

For More Information About PikcioChain: -Official Website

PikcioChain-Telegram group 

PikcioChain-official Twitter


Read PikcioChain Whitepaper: Click Here


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