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What Is GYMRewards

Do you need a motivation for exercise? What about if you are paid based on a daily workout? The GYMRewards builds up a solution to support to get a reward for exercising. The GYMRewards project consists of a comprehensive solution to support getting paid for exercising. Blockchanin keeps all the information on gymnasiums and provides information to other partners to come and exchange GYM tokens and merchant services. GYMRewards has been established on Plata Blockchain in which the following features are included.

 Proof of exercise
 Free contracts submission
 Token transaction fees are based on the token itself, not on the Blockchain coin.

GYMRewad is a decentralized Blockchain based Exercising platform which consists of an innovative mobile app that allows you to earn GYM cryptocurrency for exercising. The patent is applied to the application. It’s very simple to join with GYMRewads. Just download the app. Then start your heart rate monitor and get paid for each time you workout. The more you exercise the more GYM tokens you will earn. As per the initial estimates, participants would be able to earn following rewards.

 Running 10 minutes – 0.166666 GYMs per minute
 Running 1 hour – 1 GYMs per hour

You can redeem your rewards at registered gyms and will be able to trade at crypto exchanges. Not only the GYM goers but also the GYM owners can earn tokens by submitting Athletic events. Owners have only to follow the below steps.

 Submit an event at the GYMRewards website for approval
 Promote GYMRewards at the event and allow participants to download the App
via your referral QR code
 Earn cryptocurrency when the participants working out

GYMRewads uses GYM Tokens baked by Plata blockchain as their official currency within the platform. This will be the currency which would be used for rewarding the participants. Token sale has been scheduled to be started on March 2018. Participants will be able to purchase a minimum of 0.1 ETH and maximum of
50 ETH. The total token supply would be allocated among the participants in following fractions.

 5% will be reserved in long-term reserve
 5% will be available for team members
 10% will be available in the token sale
 73% will be allocated through Gym App
 Remaining 4% will be reserved in bounty programs

The management team comprises with highly qualified and experienced professionals in legal, financial, technology, online communication, and online gaming. Following is a brief explanation of the few team members.
Carmelo Milian – CEO Carmelo is an expert in IT service management and has obtained his first degree in computer science. He is the co-founder of OneCloud and has worked at Microsoft Latin America and North America.
Yuzzel Alexis Dominguez Martinez – IT project manager Senior
Yuzzel obtained his master’s degree in Information technology and communication. He is an expert in IT and possesses experiences more than ten countries. He has worked at SAP, Mit-Mut, etc before joining with GYMRewards. GYMRewards concept was born in 2017. Currently, the team works to achieve following goals.

 Launching ICOs
 Introducing App Beta version
 Launching the own exchange

For More Valuable Information About GYMRewards ICO and GYMRewards Token sale :

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/gymrewards.io/

Whitepaper- https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/8f3dbf7d-a966-429f-a9a7-8bb765907140

Website- https://gymrewards.io/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/GymRewards

GYM Reward bounty campain- https://bountyhive.io/join/GymRewards

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