Best Bitcoin Mining Companies

Today, we’re gonna go through some of the most successful bitcoin mining pools, groups of cooperating miners who share block rewards in proportion to their contributed mining hashing power.

Genesis mining

Genesis mining is definitely one of the biggest cloudmining companies and a partner of many famous pools and developers such as MinerEU, Spondoolies Tech, Zeus and many others. They are a cloudmining service that shows their farms openly to the public


GainBitcoin is a bitcoin mining pool based in India, and also one of the fastest growing companies. They offer cloud mining options in order to get bitcoins instantly. Users can easily withdraw their funds directly to their wallets. On the official page of Gain Bitcoin, there a detailed mining related information in real-time.


AntPool is a mining pool which is based in China. It is known for being maintained by Bitmain. With the current volume, AntPool mines 15% of all blocks. Despite recent controversy, this one stayed the largest bitcoin mining pool, when it comes to BTC network hash rate.


DiscusFish, also known as F2Pool, is another mining pool which is based in China. In the first half of 2017, this pool mined about 12% of all blocks. According to this volume, it can be seen as one of the fastest developing mining pool.


According to some charts, Bitfury is the third largest bitcoin mining pool today. It mines about 11% of all blocks. The main difference between this pool and others is that this one is private.


BTCC is a huge Chinese exchange, well-known among BTC holders for its long existence. This company has a bitcoin exchange, wallet and prints physical bitcoins. BTCC mining pool currently mines about 7% of all blocks.


ViaBTC is one of the newest mining pools on this list, existing for around one year. They offer a real-time and detailed data monitoring on hashrates, users and miners with clear graphical demonstration.

BW Pool

As this country has many mining pools, BW is also a mining company that was established in China, in 2014. It currently mines about 8% of all blocks.


BTC.Top is one of those new mining pools whose website cannot be found. So, many believe that this is a private pool.


Slush was the first mining pool ever in BTC world, run by Satoshi Labs. It is quite advanced, but still good for bitcoin mining beginners. It currently mines about 6% of all blocks.


Bitclub Network is a huge mining pool, but most BTC holders still lack proper information about this one. Due this lack of trust, using this pool is your own choice, your own risk.


GBMiners is one of the fastest growing pools today. It is an India-based mining pool which hit a lot of press headlines due to the bitcoin mining pool accounting for around 3% of the network hashrate and supporting Bitcoin Unlimited.


HaoBTC is a Beijing-based, Chinese mining company that offers a wallet for storing Bitcoins. They also offer a traditional mining service with a mine in Kangding, China. This company pays interest to people who hold their wallets with the bitcoin it mines.


KnCMiner is a Swedish bitcoin mining company. Many BTC miners have bought the mining hardware from KnCMiner in order to replace the standard consumer computer hardware. It has data centers in Sweden, with plans to expand to Finland and Iceland.


This pool was made by the Australian programmer and bitcoin holder “Kano”. It was launched in mid-2014, and for those who love risk, they also offer the solo pool. However, this is still a standard pool.


1hash is another Chinese bitcoin mining pool. It controls under 1% of total network, which is still a huge thing.

Telco 214

Telco 214 was launched in 1997 as an international voice communications provider in Florida, USA. It is a solo mining operation, rather than a mining pool. was launched in mid-2013, and gained the biggest success in the following year. In June 2014, it controlled around 51% of the entire network, which didn’t last long, but it’s still the biggest record ever.


Eligius is a mining pool from North America, launched in mid-2011. In the beginning, its creator, Luke Dashjr, used to write religious messages onto blockchain.


BitMinter is an old pool, launched in 2011 by Geir Harald Hansen. It has servers in Europe and North America.


Eobot is a cloud mining option that enables users to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many more. It was launched in Los Angeles, California, in 2013.

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