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Cryptonia Poker Review

Online poker is a famous game among the online gamblers. Numbers of online poker players are getting increased daily. But they face several issues as well. Some of them are explained below.

  • The game logic is unclear – rules, regulations and the conditions are designed by the poker room managers. Sometimes technology used in poker rooms make complexities in results.  
  • Fraudulent or biased practices – Transparency and random number generation are very important features of a fair poker room. Some fraudulent companies don’t concern about poker communities and concern only on their income. It is necessary that poker room should ensure all the players are treated equally and no big players are served with undue advantages.
  • Control over funds and withdrawals – Rules and regulations imposed by the public authorities and rules imposed by poker room managers restrict the player’s power to control their own money.

Cryptonia poker is the decentralized, blockchain based online poker platform designed to remove the fair play, transparency and liquidity issues exist in traditional online poker platforms.

Followings are the main features of the platform.

  • Random number generation and fair play

Blockchain technology totally eliminates the human intervention on result generating. Further, it ensures that the all players are genuine and no fraudulent players in the room. Pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs) use mathematical algorithms that ensure the results are totally random.

  • Secured user data

The platform doesn’t collect unnecessary information at the registry and ensures the anonymity of the gamers.

  • Monitoring and security system

Cryptonia has advanced algorithms and programs designed to track player behavior and it ensures that no fraudulent players are in the room.

  • Security of participants’ accounts

Platform participants are protected with one/two-step authentication on their choice. Anti-hacking measures and real-time backing-up systems are established to protect the players.

  • Resolution of legal issues

Legal advisors will ensure that the participants are properly guided through the legal and theoretical issues.

Cryptonia poker room uses Cryptonia tokens that are backed by Ethereum network as the legal currency within the platform. Players must have these tokens to ply on the platform. 1 A billion Tokens are to be distributed among the participants as follows.

  • 75% will be distributed through ICO.
  • After ICo 10% will be distributed through tournament price pool to encourage players.
  • Another 15% will be utilized for promotions

2nd stage ICO is now open and it will be kept open until 1st July.

Cryptonia has actually deployed a monitoring group which is comprised of highly certified and also experienced experts in IT, legal, monetary, innovation, online gaming and advertising. Complying with is a quick description of the founders.

Cryptonia Poker Team

Lakshay Anand

Lakshay is an expert in business administration and he is a professional poker player. Before joining with Cryptonia, he held the position of CEO at Zebrogs technologies.

Vivek Jain

Vivek is an expert in finance management and acts as the financial advisor for Cryptonia.

The team has been able to launch the beta version of the platform and now they are working to achieve following goals in next few months.

  • Listing Cryptonia in crypto exchanges
  • Launching Cryptonia opening tournament
  • Integrating decentralized, random number generating solution
  • Completing Cryptonia’s fair play program

Cryptonia Poker Partners

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For More Details of Cryptonia Poker ICO:
Official Website: https://www.cryptonia.poker
Whitepaper: https://www.cryptonia.poker/public/content/Cryptonia_White_Paper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/cryptoniapoker
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoniaPoker
Medium Blog: https://medium.com/@community_85879/
GitHub: https://github.com/OnGridSystems/CryptoniaPokerContracts



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