What is Copytrack | Advantages of CPY Tokens with Copytrack


Copytrack,Two Billion images are getting uploaded, downloaded and shared through the internet every day. Most of the situations those image users don’t obtain a valid license. That means the both the Digital Content Providers or Digital Content users aren’t properly aware about their rights and obligation regarding the copy rights on that content. Now COPYTRACK has identified this issue and has offered a solution.

From here this article uses the word “Right Holder” instead of “Digital Content Provider” and “User” instead of “Digital Content User”.

Right holders’ point of view, though they have obtained the copy right, they don’t have enough information to track usage of their intellectual property or way to prove their ownership. Because of that they lose their income for which they have sacrificed their time and effort.  Meanwhile users don’t have information to identify original creator, so they oftenly use the content without adequate license, which can be legally affected.

COPYTRACK has developed their own image searching & image matching technology incorporated with payment system, which provides an automated process from image tracking, image matching, money collecting and claiming in 140 countries and 12 languages including Japanese, France, German. www.copytrack.io provides an open online platform to monitor the unauthorized use of property protected under copyright law. Core purpose of COPYTRACK is to “create a global decentralized copyright register for digital content, which authenticates users and links digital intellectual property.

This website is owned by COPYTRACK, a company based in Berlin , German. Currently they have launched their offices in New York and Tokyo. They provide a two way solution for a significant challenges face by both right holders as well as users. Mainly professional photographers, Image agencies, E-commerce vendors, news agencies and Publishers receive an integrated solution via this application.

COPYTRACK has started their operations in 2015. During this short period of time they have become the leading company in the worldwide market of highly automated copyright enforcement. Company data evidenced that around 500 – 600 clients signing up to the system monthly.

COPYTRACK platform consist of 5 layers as drafted below.


Client can create a free account simply providing required personal information. With the creation of account, client can upload images unlimitedly. Then the systems perform an audit on the authenticity of the authorship and if successful, provide a block chain based certificate to prove ownership for the images in block chain. From that beginning, the certificate holder maintains complete copyright control and able to prove the ownership. These certificates are freely transferable.

If a right holder noted an illegal usage of an intellectual property, just by submitting a claim holder can sit back without worries. Company posses a highly trained and experienced legal team. They will take care of the rest and client can focus on their profession. Meanwhile petitioner can keep himself up to date by discussing with caseworker. They are always vigilant to provide the relevant information on the status of the case. As well they offer comprehensive multi-lingual communication channel for both parties.

Team will review the case and make sure the claim is ready for “Post – licensing” process. Now the user receive a friendly request to provide a valid license or if not the user owns one, COPYTRACK will provide the option to obtain one. For that purpose an “Easy – to- use agreement” has been set up in online portal. As mentioned earlier COPYTRACK works to protect the rights of both holder and the user. Rather than being sued and facing tremendous cost, they cure the infringement by offering fair post licensing to offender. Through this system holder, get paid for their work while those image users don’t get treated with huge fee, avoiding bad reputation and save the time.  

 If the user doesn’t reacted in both ways, will receive a reminder within 2-3 weeks mentioning further actions. If that initial procedure has failed, COPYTRACK will calculate the cost of damages and will be moved into the next stage of commercial dunning procedure.  As a result, user will receive a claim for damage by mail and at this time wouldn’t be able to buy a post-license. Only option the user having is to settle the damage within the specified time period. If he ignored this chance also, then he will get the lawyer’s warning and as the final step case will bring to the court by company attorney.  

All these services are been provided free of charge and doesn’t carry any financial or legal risk. In the event of successful case COPYTRACK keep a reward as their charge. If the case is taken place in a German court, company keeps only 30% of the compensation and client receives 70%. If the case taken in to a court outside Germany and a lawyer or debt collector needed to occupy, the charge would be extended to 50%. Compensation Payments are hassle free. The money will be automatically transferred to the holder’s bank account. COPYTRACK provides CPY Token which can be used to pay in their flexible licensing system. They have scheduled the public sale to be started on 10th January 2018. You can obtain more information from their web site.

COPYTRACK owns a unique technology to provide better service to the clientele. Their high performance web crawler searches millions of web sites daily and compare client’s images with all the findings. The unique image matching engine owns by them detect any change or edition of the image and the time period that the image used online. Not required to worry about the security status, as they secure all relevant evidence automatically in order to ensure successful enforcement.  COPYTRACK uses a complex evaluation matrix to generate accurate compensation value and it’s “Right clearing portal” allows the defendant party to view the case, evidences, to proof license owns or subsequently obtained. Application automatically categorized all the founded images based on the country together with infringing party details. COPYTRACK complies with the highest PCI security standards and has been licensed as a collection service provider in the German legal service register.

COPYTRACK currently focus on searching customers’ images across the web and licensing them. They are working with the focus of expanding their service to include registering images via the block chain and provide a new market place for artists and buyers. They have a well maintained plan to achieve their target.

Finally all the above information evidence that the COPYTRACT is the easiest, faster and hassle free way in digital content management.

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