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What-is-coinvestCryptocurrencies are widely spreading as a famous investment option with the expansion of internet and blockchain technology. There are thousands of Cryptocurrencies trading in multiple exchanges. Investors face difficulties in creating investment portfolios using cryptocurrencies as they are located in different exchanges. Coinvest comes up with the solution for that difficulty. Coinvest is the world first decentralized investment trading platform for Cryptocurrencies.

A trader can create a Coinvest virtual portfolio with favorite   Cryptocurrencies. The smart contract enables the investor to trade and withdraw directly. Currencies are directly connected with investor’s debit card. So they can easily transact with Cryptocurrencies.

Coinvest has been able to differentiate themselves in different perspectives. The main feature of this platform is decentralization. Because of that investors get the access to multiple exchanges in the same time.  Funds are highly secured within the platform. The platform is totally digitalized, no human intervention. Smart contracts directly transfer any profits to the investor’s wallet.

Users can gain much more benefits other than the above advantages. Few of them are as follows.

  • Trading rewards – Coinvest has implemented a loyalty program, which enables the user to accumulate additional COIN for every trade.
  • Trading profit – Users can earn usual profits through trading activities.
  • Index fund management – Users can create own personal index fund.
  • COIN value appreciation – Users can earn value appreciation benefits, as the value increases with the increase of demand.

Coinvest has introduced own Cryptocurrency which can be used to access the platform. Users can acquire these token through the crowdsale. Instead of crowdsale, Coinvest doesn’t accept fund from the users. Coinvest expects to issue 107 Million tokens in their token sales. Out of this 49% will be available in crowdsale, which will be started in March 2018. The total number of tokens will be distributed in following percentages.

  • 49% Crowdsale reserve
  • 25% COIN Reserve (Held in smart contracts)
  • 10% Platform development and partnerships
  • 16% Team development

Funds raised through the crowdsale would be allocated for following purposes

  • 50% Coinvest secondary reserve
  • 30% for development of Coinvest protocol, App and fund the liquidity pool
  • 10% for increase and buildup the community
  • 10% for operations, administrations and ensure legal compliances


Coinvest expects to achieve following main targets during 2018 year.

  • Launching crowdsale in March 2018
  • Development of new tools and Apps to meet user requirements
  • Launching Coinvest wallet API’s
  • Connecting the wallet with debit card accounts


The management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation of few of the team members. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.


  • Damon Nam – Founder and executive director

Damon worked Sixteen years for Microsoft Company. He was working as the US services partner program director and was responsible for seventy-five partner organizations.


  • Byron Levels – Technology Director

Byron possesses twenty-three years of experience as an IT professional and has worked for world famous companies including Microsoft, AT&T, and American Airlines.     


  • Dexaran Derat – Blockchain Engineer

Dexaran has worked directly with the Ethereum platform team on supporting projects and ERC223 protocol.


  • Pete Cashmore and Tony Scott work as the advisors for the Company.


Coinvest has partnered with Civic, Oraclize, Changelly, Crypto Compare, Amplifi etc. to facilitate the development of the platform.

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