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Akropolis Review

Akropolis is a Blockchain based, the decentralized platform that designed to address the issues exist in the global pension sector. It’s been developed with the aim to be the largest alternative pension infrastructure in the world. According to the researchers, world population is getting older and the majority of them don’t receive a pension or a retirement saving. Akropolis is designed as a solution for this and that will help to create a decentralized and safe financial future for people with transparent smart contract based infrastructure. That will change the way of saving and investment.

The platform connects the following actors together.

  • Individual users – This population includes the individuals of those users the Akropolis platform for their pension savings.
  • Pension funds – Institutional entities who maintain their own platform and collection of users. Those are similar to Akropolis platform.
  • Fund Managers – Institutional entities that involve in purchasing and acquiring assets on behalf of the users.
  • Asset tokenizers – Centralized entities that mine and distribute tokens, which represents a share of the held assets.  
  • Developers – Community members those contribute to the platform.

Akropolis platform is designed with the purpose of transiting users from existing pension model to new pension model. The services are offered for free. Following are some of the services that provided by the platform.

  • Ability add beneficiaries
  • Ability to create smart contracts
  • Ability to add fund managers
  • Cross-border assistance for expatriates

All the ecosystem participants can gain benefits by using this platform. Some of them are;

For Users

  • Secure, immutable and transparent report management with real-time auditing
  • Capacity to leverage smart contracts for peer to peer lending
  • Ability to monetize own data
  • Access for new and global capital pools

For Pension Funds

  • Document verification become easier
  • Internal administration become easier
  • Eliminate the inefficiencies and intermediaries
  • Reduces the compliance fee
  • Transparency in fee structure

For Fund Managers

  • Quality verification
  • Access to global clients
  • Easy access to the platform

Akropolis has developed an own Cryptocurrency namely Akropolis token. These tokens will be issued in two forms.

  1. Akropolis external tokens (AKT)

The supplies of these tokens are fixed and can be used for following purposes

  • Platform access
  • Purchasing premium services
  • Purchasing platform data
  • Taking part in various platform incentive mechanisms

  1. Akropolis internal tokens (AIT)

These tokens are independent from AKT and act as an internal accounting tool. Users would be allocated with AIT once they deposited the funds into the system. These tokens can be exchanged for cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

  • 900 Million Tokens are to be distributed among the participants in following proportions.
  • 40% through token sales
  • 20% among the team
  • 20% will be reserved in a fund
  • 10% among the advisors
  • Remaining 10% will be distributed through marketing programs

Akropolis started the journey in 2017. Up-to-date they have passed several steps and followings are the important milestones that the team expects to achieve in near future.

  • Launching token sale and token distribution
  • Finalizing technical architecture
  • Deploying with trail clients
  • Launching the beta product among early adopters
  • Integrating the full-featured platform with front-end products on the main net
  • Releasing the first version of the platform by 2019
  • Launching the token wallet

Akropolis management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation on the founders.

Akropolis Founders

Anastasia O. Andrianova – CEO & Founder

Ana is an expert investment professional and she is passionate about decentralization and Blockchain technology.

Kate Kurbanova – Head of community development and Co-founder

Kate is an expert in IT and she possesses more than 5 years of experience in the industry.

The private pre-sale is now ongoing, the team invites you to become a witness of pension revolution and make a better way to enjoy your retirement.

Akropolis Roadmap

  For More Details of Akropolis ICO:
Official Website: https://akropolis.io
Whitepaper: https://link.akropolis.io/whitepaper
Telegram: https://t.me/akropolis_official
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akropolisio
Twitter: https://twitter.com/akropolisio
Medium : https://medium.com/akropolis



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