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One of the biggest problems faced by consumers today is the quality of the groceries they purchase from markets, both online and offline. Cases, where food items are laced with chemicals to spur growth and pesticides, are prevalent. These may help the producer reduces costs and maximize profits bt us extremely harmful to the end user with reports of food poisoning increases. A solution to this problem is green or organic farming.

Organic Farming

Organic farming refers to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in as natural a manner as possible without the use of industrially produced fertilizers and pesticides so as to keep the system clean, green and as non-polluting as possible. But the current organic farming is not suited to solving the existing issues and has its own drawbacks.

Organic farming is often centered in the hands of the large agricultural chains and limited to a few products.
The seed money required to get started is too high for new entrants.
Some vegetables cannot be grown everywhere due to unfriendly conditions.
A lack of quality control and expensive logistics.
Solutions proposed include vertical farming where products are grown close to the end user like urban terrace farming and the introduction of indoor greenhouses.


AgroTech is a fully automated intelligent device to grow vegetables and cannabis naturally. With ATF you have yearlong access to chemical-free fruits and vegetables regardless of climate conditions.


Cultivation regardless of climate which helps reduce logistics costs.
The quality control system to monitor mineral supplements and avoid injection of harmful agents.
Fully automated, therefore requires only minimal personnel.
Multi-level structure helps increase output per sqm.
Operated via the ATF-I apps and built-in touch screens.
Through accurate replication of alternate climate conditions, plants can now be grown in even the most unfavorable of locations.
Since growing plants within the ATF equipment does not require soil, associated pests are not a threat and there is no requirement for weeding or monitoring of soil conditions.

ATF can be implemented on two levels, Basic and Enterprise.

ATF Basic

ATF Basic

ATF Basic can be implemented at home, businesses and scientific and education centers. Personal families can be supplied with fresh organic food without needing any kind of comprehensive knowledge as the ATF is as straightforward to utilize as a coffee maker. Restaurants and Grocers can provide customers with fresh food using the ATF Basic. Through PRO mechanisms educational institutions and scientific research centers can study the working of the ATF.

Key Features of the ATF Basic include pre-programmed color spectrum for each plant to mimic sunlight requirements, microclimate systems to accurately replicate favorable climate conditions and high-efficiency filters to remove contaminants.

ATF Enterprise

ATF Enterprise

ATF Enterprise was developed for large-scale use in industries, for property developers and by governments and humanitarian organizations. ATF Enterprise allows retail chains and agro companies to expand their business. It can be adopted by real estate developers for use in residential and office complexes. Human aid organizations and governments can use the ATF Enterprise machines to provide food in drought-affected and other areas suffering from food shortage.

The major benefits of using ATF Enterprise are a 30% quicker growth without using any chemical supplements and 10x times more productivity per sq.m.

Major Technology used in ATF

Hydroponics and Aeroponics
Plants are enclosed in a closed space and the nutrient solution enter the root zone in the form of small water particles enabling high oxygenation and a two circuit overflow draining system to monitor the level of solution in roots.

Plants are grown in enclosed spaces and are not exposed to natural sunlight which is a requirement for healthy growth. LED modules mimicking the light spectrum depending on the stage of growth are provided and even imitate sunrise and sunset.

To optimize photosynthesis in a shut area it is necessary to regularly transform the structure as well as maintain needed levels of moisture as well as air temperature level.This is done by using air conditioning systems to replicate home conditions which reduce costs and energy consumption. Pollination is performed by supplying air masses to plants without human involvement.

Top dressing with CO2
Carbon dioxide is one of the most important components in plant growth and is used to accelerate vegetative mass growth with a node for top-dressing.

Air Cleaning
Two level filtration system is used to increase life and also make the plants healthy for humans. The first stage of carbon filtration removes all volatile and semi-volatile compounds in the air. This is followed by an ionized filter to handle elements with a finer molecular weight.

Nutrient Solutions
The automated service unit checks the level, the electrical conductivity, the level of acidity of pH, the temperature level of the nutrient solution as well as maintains the chosen formulation of nutrient remedies for a specific plant varieties throughout the procedure. It handles all chemicals required like C, K, Na, Mg, Ca, Zn and B.

Food for Tokens

The mission behind ATF is to provide clean and green food across the globe with the help of its disruptive and innovative technology. Alongside introducing blockchain as part of the system to provide chemical-free food, a token system on blockchain will be introduced in order to enable a direct communication channel between consumer and producer as well as to build a supply chain consisting of a user, producer, retail chain, and ATF. The ATF  token developed on the Ethereum platform.

The referral system has been introduced where if users register using your referral link then the referee earns 5% of their first transaction.

ATF Team

The ATF team aims at a healthy and green tomorrow envisioned by co-founders Ilya Tsigvintsev – CEO and Alexander Basov – COO with experience in building businesses. Other members of the core team are Olga Bashirova- CBO, Alexey Kovnerchuk – Technical Engineer and Evgeniy Kurochkin – Agronomy and specialist in plant growing.

ATF Team 2

The core team is advised by business experts and industry leaders like Greg Limon, founder of Canada Capital Group Pvt. Ltd and Marek Lorinc, Principal at Rimon Capital Ltd.

ATF ICO Details

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For More Details of Agro Tech Farm ICO:

Website: https://www.agrotechfarm.io
White Paper: https://agrotechfarm.io/wp_atf.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/icoATF
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/agro_tech_farm
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AgroTechFarmICO



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