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What is Stobox

What’s Stobox? 


Stobox is an award-winning organization that offers technical solutions and advisory services to simplify all interactions of digital assets and tokenized securities. Over the last 2 years, Stobox has been in the crypto field, the team has been able to perform more than 10,000+ hours of analysis, advise 10 companies, evaluate several Private and public technology networks, create 10+ count partnerships, and worked with two governments.    

Exchange features of the Stobox 


  • They also revamped the infrastructure framework used by crypto exchanges and picked one that enables optimum transaction speed and durability. The distinctive characteristics of the Trade shall include: 
  • Favorable to the Stobox DS Dashboard, as its users require crypto exchange facilities for Dashboard activities. It is an additional means of liquidity to the exchange 
  • Legally set up on Seychelles, mixing preferential treatment of crypto exchanges with customer security and tight compliance of AML 
  • Proprietary technical growth and assistance, which allows us separate from external parties, facilitate further customization and increases the response time to unforeseen problems
  • Stobox DS Dashboard


Stobox DS Dashboard


Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard really helps you in creating digital securities and perform all trades with them in a comfortable digital format. Trade the stock, pay dividends, perform corporate voting and corporate behavior in a modern interactive manner. 

Stobox Token Information

Usage of the STBU token 


It is standard practice for crypto exchanges to use a native token for promotion, community building, enhanced participation, and enabling users to contribute to the exchange. For this purpose, the Exchange shall be operated by a native utility token. Therefore, they use the STBU token.

How does it work? 


The robust ecosystem of Stobox products and services is as follows: 


  1. Digital securities shall be split into two parts: 


a) The Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard is a robust solution for streamlining all trades of tokenized securities. Reach clients around the world, encourage the stock to be exchanged, and tap into powerful new pools of money. It helps you to digitize shares and conduct all trades with them in a convenient digital world. Trade the shares, pay dividends, vote, and corporate securities in a modern interactive manner. 

  1. b) Stobox digital redemption: TBA


The consulting service shall be split into three parts: 

  1. a) Tokenization Consulting: provides a range of technical methods and also industrial and regulatory expertise in the area of Fintech and Digital Principles. 


  1. b) Virtual Asset Consulting: Identify the right approach to strengthen the client’s interaction with virtual assets and assist with the planning of problems. 


  1. c) Legal management: assist you with all legal arrangements for the issuing and supply of virtual assets: business constitution, contract planning, etc. 


  1. Exchange: Stobox Crypto Exchange lets you get started on a quick, stable, and friendly platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Stobox Exchange allows it to enter the crypto sector and to create a personal portfolio for the prosperity of finance. 
  2. There are going to be three primary activities: 
  3. a) Digital Investment Conference: TBA 


b) Stobotx NFT: transform the company’s clients into devoted supporters and stakeholders. Rewards the stakeholders of programmable multimedia collectibles. Allowing the discovery of potential market prospects with Stobox NFT. 

  1. c) Blog: where you can read more about the organization and latest content. 


Stobox Community Bonus: Participating members of the Stobox community, capital exchange participants, influencers, technology-based experts, and high-profile entities can earn 10% of the investment made in Stobox Utility Tokens. 

Reverse Bonus: Individuals holding Stobox Utility Tokens (STBUs) potentially worth $5,000 on the date of application can qualify to buy STBX at a reduced price of 1 STBU per share and obtain an extra 25 percent STBU bonus. The deal is not open to US residents.

For More Details About Stobox :


Website: https://stobox.io
Exchange: https://stobox.exchange/auth?ref=914
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StoboxCompany
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StoboxCompany
Telegram Group: https://t.me/stobox_community

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