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MOZO Coin Review

These days point based loyalty programs are going to ruined with their attached cards such as Credit cards, airline mileage cards and etc. because consumers are attached with too many loyalty programs and with such a numerous plastic or paper cards but most of them are unredeemable and those cards are often at drawers of consumers. The main problem of current loyalty programs is big part of their points or any other forms are never used but those are getting pilled. So these types of loyalty programs doesn’t have much value to target customers. These are the main problem of these loyalty programs which not help or give value to customers.      

  • Because of different policies, terms and conditions of use, validity of points most of customers couldn’t able to redeem their loyalty points but due to issuing large number of loyalty cards customers has to keep all of them in their pocket.   
  • Easy checking of point balance or customer unable to remember point balance is another painful problem in loyalty programs. . Most of customers don’t know their point balances. This is happening because most of these type of programs are good and have real purposes but awareness and implementation about this is not much.
  • Another problem is lack of customer awareness about worth of their loyalty points this is very drastic problem in many loyalty programs.   
  • Most loyalty programs offering to consumers are do not allow them to transfer to other person. Because of this participating to such program are restricted by consumers.

Mozo Concept

The project Mozo was started as private investment and with signing MoU with Wanda e commerce co. ltd. The aim of Mozo was to attract foot traffic to physical stores and it was built as universal platform. In Mozo consumers are allowed to collect and mine Mozo token which is cryptocurrency used in Mozo while they are browsing product using mobile app. These Mozo token can be converted to any other form of currencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. When consumers receive discounts when buy products and services they can redeem those at Mozo marketplace and it would be attractive membership and reward system for approved merchants also.           

Merchants and consumers are offered with new possibilities in Blockchain technology which is digitalized, decentralized public ledger of all transaction with cryptocurrencies. It is allowing to any users either merchants or consumers track their transactions with cryptocurrencies without central recording.    

This Mozo token is liquid, transferable and exchangeable and it will be the heart of this new loyakty program. It would be the most amazing news for merchants and consumers whom adhere to do their transactions with cryptocurrency. This will be the most attractive and superior present day loyalty program available in global market.


Around the globe consumers can earn and redeem their Mozo tokens in most of marketpalces such as mall, shopping areas and etc. this will make a coalition with loyalty platform or universal loyalty platform. So when you in anywhere in the world you can use your Mozo tokens for any transaction without any high transaction fees.    


Mozo project will bring several benefits to both merchants and consumers.   


  1. With sufficient motivation consumers can go to brick and mortar stores to earn Mozo tokens.   

     2. There is a transparent rewards and ease system to use available and those can be applied to merchants across

     3. When go to stores there are incentives for consumers and they can touch and feel product.


  1. Earlier there are few walk in customers and now increase foot traffic and that will increase real state value also.

     2. Now they can use google or facebook advertising to customer acquisition costs in term of Mozo tokens which was earlier high    

     3. Now consumers get reward for discovering venues, stores and products by global cross merchant loyalty program which earlier was a single brand loyalty programs.  

     4. Merchants can track real time customers who are in stores

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