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What is Cyclops Game



Cyclops Game is also recognized as Cyclops Finance, a Hybrid DeFi initiative that focuses on developing  100% customized gaming blockchain solutions. 

Their innovations incorporate the idea of DeFi yield farming and asset identification presentation through NFTs to create a blended decentralized gaming console. 

Their Hybrid Decentralized Gaming Framework enables decentralized games to be built on the blockchain with simplicity but not only that, it often acts as a layer 2 bridge for traditional games making it easier for those games and/or systems to interbreed and connect with the blockchain. Through this, traditional games would be able to migrate quickly to become semi-decentralized. 

Cyclops Game runs with a dual token scheme, these tokens have a special use and are based on:

1) Cyclops Treasure (CYTR): CYTR is the administration token of the network. Holders of this coin, Owners of the Cyclops Game, are qualified to a portion of the net profits of the Cyclops Game. 

Holders still retain the ability to vote. They also profit from promotions, incentives, early entry, and extra periodic benefits. Keepers of this token often have a say in how the second token allocations are issued. 

This token is quite rare since the total availability is just 1000. In contrast to all these, the CYTR token is now the only currency used for dealing at the Hephaestus shop.

2) Cyclops Currency (CYCR): CYCR is the compensation token of the network. Holders of this token will take advantage of this token and earn incentives. With the regulation of CYTR, CYCR will be applied in the context of other DeFi ventures and other services will be built around CYCR. 

The total Maximum availability for this token is 16,000. The preliminary supply is estimated to be between 3000 and 4000. The distribution of the CYCR token is strictly regulated by the administration of the owners of the CYTR. 

Note: Both CYTR and CYCR may be implicated. 

Cyclops Game Treasure Island

Cyclops Treasure


Cyclops game will stage the first of its kind blockchain game tournament, which will be hosted in 2021. This event would be open to all worldwide, and not limited to crypto-savvy persons. Players will digitally come together and play for amazing prizes. 

Some of the game assets that would be included in the competition are already usable at the Hephaestus workshop. 

How does it happen?


Cyclops will organize the competition on their “The Tournament” game website. This website will be released for the case and will remain available to all afterward. Individuals would be able to build custom tournaments on this website, set competition rules, and invite players to participate. 

For example, a user may build a 10-player contest on the platform, set an entry fee of $100 or even $1ETH, or anything else, and tell the winner to take on all competitions. If such a competition is formed, interested participants will enter and will be scheduled to start when the amount of players needed is met.

Cyclops Finance Asset Staking

Asset Staking


Staking is an essential feature provided by Cyclops Game, while it is not a key characteristic, it is an attribute on which other features rely. It acts as a complementary framework for the accessibility of certain functions. 

For eg, Block of Fame uses a Stake-Voting system to rate the farmers on the Block of Fame board. The rating of the farmer is proportional to the number of cryptocurrencies locked in the exclusive digital image of the farmer.

Contractors and Partnership

As they continue to aspire to grow the squad, Cyclops Game has collaborated with a range of blockchain engineers, game developers, and asset creators. These companies and/or persons are specialist contractors in their particular fields. They will continue to collaborate alongside experienced people to deliver on their commitment to the community. 

Cyclops Game has signed a strategic collaboration relationship with NULS, a fully accessible, enterprise-grade, integrated blockchain network. To enhance platform activities on the Ethereum network, the Cyclops game will utilize NULS and Nerve Network blockchain solutions to build cross-chain connectivity.

For More Details About Cyclops Game :


Website: https://cyclops.game
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CyclopsFinance
Telegram Group: https://t.me/CyclopsFinance
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dbuEXdm
Medium: https://medium.com/@cyclopsgames
Whitepaper: https://cyclops.gitbook.io/cyclops-game

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