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Each day, additional and additional folks become participants of the cryptocurrency market. There square measure currently long investors following the get & hold strategy, traders United Nations agency partake in regular transaction, and enormous cryptocurrency funds. All the same, many folks still reject getting into the market. The absence of utilizing cryptocurrencies at intervals the bounds of business models similarly because the absence of laws act as entry barriers for firms. People oft don’t have time or energy to review all of the market’s mechanisms and get a cryptocurrency.

All active market participants come upon serious problems.

  • Limited quantity of banking services.
  • Limited choice of monetary instruments.
  • Difficulties with changing cryptocurrencies to order.
  • Challenges in operating with cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Exchanges crash throughout peak masses.
  • Problems with registering and spending verification.
  • Fund withdrawal limits.
  • Massive losses thanks to hackers attacks.

  • A close to full absence of cryptocurrencies being used as a way of payment.
  • Absence of insuring trades and transactions.

Neluns mission – is to form associate degree innovative monetary system, combining at intervals itself a bank that operates with order and cryptocurrencies, a cryptocurrency exchange and insurer, thus, making conditions for the standard development of the cryptocurrency market and influx of recent participants and new capital.

Neluns offers users a broad pool of ancient banking services, geared toward crushing the monetary wants of non-public and company goals. Whereas at a similar time, we have a tendency to create offered operations with paper currency and cryptocurrencies. Multicurrency IBAN accounts and wallets can enable our purchasers to execute exchange operations in precisely a number of clicks. United States the utilization of the “Bank guarantee” principle permits us to form a top quality, new cryptocurrency exchange. The mixture of this principle with the utilization of innovative technology creates the most effective conditions for cryptocurrency traders and funds.

The Neluns mobile application for iOS and Androids create banking and exchange operations accessible at any time from any a part of the planet. Whereas at a similar time, round the clock support services can quickly resolve users problems.

Within the Neluns system, users are going to be ready to:

  • Purchase and sell cryptocurrencies in precisely a number of clicks.
  • Lead active cryptocurrency commerce on the exchange.
  • Deposit and withdraw funds from the system in precisely a number of clicks from any a part of the planet.
  • open IBAN accounts – multicurrency personal and company accounts
  • unleash debit and credit Visa, MasterCard, and yankee specific cards
  • instantly send and receive international cash transfers
  • store funds in Neluns deposits in order and cryptocurrencies earning interest
  • receive Neluns loans in order and cryptocurrencies
  • receive profits, from loaning funds on a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) loaning Platform
  • insure any trades
  • gain profits from commerce the NLS token on cryptocurrency exchanges
  • receive dividends
  • active market participants are going to be able to increase profits and lower risk levels

The Neluns system includes:

Neluns Bank – a brand new generation bank, presenting all key order banking services with cryptocurrencies.

Neluns Exchange – associate degree Innovative cryptocurrency exchange, creating secure and quick cryptocurrency trade operations of any scale offered.

Neluns Insurance – insurer, permitting to shield any transactions and trades dead by system users.

Any cryptocurrencies and tokens listed on the Neluns Exchange is additional to the multicurrency account. The user Neluns account can show the balance of funds in USD, EUR, GBR, similarly as in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Dash, Ehtereum, XEM). The rest of recent cryptoassets are going to be mechanically displayed straight off once they’re additional by a user. Cryptocurrency rates are going to be mechanically determined supported information fed from the Neluns Exchange. Users are going to be able to mechanically perform trade operations, and execute transfers.

The user can have associate degree access to company and private accounts and bourgeois accounts, permitting one to simply accept payments. Each such user can receive a novel bourgeois ID. Which is able to be tied to the account to that funds square measure transferred to by Neluns Bank users.

Neluns Bank Cards

Neluns Tokens

Neluns Team

For More Details of Neluns:
Official Website: https://neluns.io
Whitepaper: https://neluns.io/static/ver165/whitepaper/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: http://t.me/TheNelunsChat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theneluns
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4694028



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