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Kencoin Review

The growth of the internet has made data a public commodity rather than the private asset it once was. Major tech giants have made their vast fortunes by selling the data of their users. Private lives have been made public with citizens of the world losing out on their basic right to privacy. With increasing threats to national security, governments have started developing vast information networks by snooping on citizens. With this becoming the accepted status quo, private lives are no longer possible. One area where people still expect privacy and strive to maintain is sexuality. People use incognito mode while using and avoid providing any personal information on adult websites. This has turned into a major hassle for those who own these businesses as people are reluctant to purchase via PayPal or credit card for fear of private data becoming public.

Kencoin is the solution to these problems. A totally autonomous cryptocurrency that makes all grown-up home entertainment purchases secure, safe as well as totally private permitting customers access to grown-up web content without the concern of direct exposure of exclusive details. As opposed to Bitcoin which is generic and can be used for any vertical, Kencoin is industry specific and is recycled through the industry to build wealth for its community members.

Kencoin Protocol

Kencoin was established as a self-governing currency leveraging the blockchain that can provide customers anonymity, satisfaction, personal privacy and also protected transactions while additionally supplying previously unreachable alpha to business owners.

Why Kencoin?

  • Total Anonymity – Backed by blockchain technology and also the use of clever agreements, Kencoin assures its users of total discernment specific to the grown-up entertainment industry.
  • Marketing – Kencoin has partnered with the leaders of the adult entertainment industry and provided them with incentives in the form of Kencoins that users of these sites can use to pay for services.
  • User Advantage – Kencoin gives a significant discount of 20% o users who purchase on partnered platforms using Kencoins.
  • Steady Cashflow – Since users purchase Kencoins with the intention of use in traditional environments ensuring a steady flow of cash which ensures that exchange rates don’t crash.
  • Payment Options – Merchants can receive payments directly through the associated apps and Kencoins can also be used in physical location widening the reach of the currency.


Kencoin Tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain platform and can be stored in Ethereum wallets until used. They can be used anonymously and can be acquired form Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. Using the immutable and irreversible ledger methodology of the blockchain technology merchants can verify that they are paid for any service provided. This does away with the issue of chargebacks face by all online vendors.

Kencoin Distribution

Spending Wallet

Modeled on the Ethereum wallet it is designed in such a way as to easily receive details of merchant wallet simplifying transactions when purchases are made in an offline environment. This wallet also allows users to store their Kencoins in both offline and online environments.

Merchant Wallet  

Wallet used by merchants and vendors. It serves two basic purposes.

  1. Acts as a spending wallet allowing vendors to receive Kencoins offline and online, create multi-signature wallets, etc.
  2. Constantly evolve to suit the vendor’s needs according to changing markets.

Merchant wallets recieveKencoins live and inform merchants immediately as opposed to others that take up to 45 minutes. Partnering with a leading cryptocurrency exchange has allowed merchants to convert their Kencoins to any other currency ensuring liquidity and risk insurance.


All Kencoin partners can utilize a special centralized gateway that offers Kencoin as a payment option. Users can obtain Kencoin directly using Bitcoin, credit cards etc without having to leave the website. Based on Hadoop and HBase the aim is to build a scalable, secure and easy to use platform.    

All funds raised through crowdsale are used for development and marketing.


Kencoin has both an offline as well as online market. The online market consists of Pornographic websites, live interactions, and dating sites while the offline sector consists of adult reserved venues like strip clubs, escorts, and shows. Kencoin guarantees users security and privacy in these transactions.

Partners & Marketing

Kencoin has partnered with a number of leaders in the adult entertainment industry like Livebbw, Kinkytoys, xx Asians, and The Milfs club. Kencoins are marketed using social media, Google AdWords, blogs, E-mails, and paid advertising.


The Kencoin team is led by CEO Laurent Chekroun – an investment banking expert, COO Nicolay Livadkin – successful attorney, and CTO Michael Rabi – an experienced software engineer.

The team is advised by eclectic and experienced leaders of various industries like Bryan Houri, Kenji Cheung, Jon Bannister, Daniel Veroste, and Richard Trummer.

Kencoin Team

Kencoin Partners

For More Details of Kencoin:
Official Website: https://www.kencoin.org
Whitepaper: https://neironix.io/documents/whitepaper/553/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/Ken_Coin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KencoinCrypto
GitHub: https://github.com/kencoin



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