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Today digital currencies have turned into a worldwide marvel known to many people. Cryptocurrency money is a computerized resource intended to function as a medium of trade. Cryptographic forms of money are additionally delegated a subset of elective monetary standards and virtual monetary standards. Cryptographic money is a type of computerized cash that is intended to be secure and, by and large, unknown. It is cash related with the web that utilizations cryptography, the way toward changing over clear data into a relatively untraceable code, to track buys and exchanges. Cryptography was resulting from the requirement for secure correspondence in the Second World War. It has developed in the computerized period with components of scientific hypothesis and software engineering to end up noticeably an approach to secure correspondences, data and cash on the web. The first digital currency was bitcoin. Bitcoin, made in 2009, was the primary decentralized cryptographic money and is still the best known.


Now the question is why to invest for cryptocurrency?

As a matter of first importance, have you settled on your choice to put resources into digital forms of money? If not, here are few reasons that will persuade you to make this decision immediately. It Supports your total assets against the likelihood of the dollar to fall (many individuals accept that occasionally it’ll definitely happen). Support the digital forms of money vision of liberating the world from managing an account frameworks controlled by governments and having faith in a superior future for innovation (Who doesn’t, right?). These reasons for sure powering your inspiration, you’re now on the way to progress.

So are you the person who may be occupied with putting resources into digital forms of money? Because you understand and like the technology and you support the societal visualization behind cryptocurrencies, virtual or digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are unquestionably by a wide margin the most sultry venture item as of now accessible but as a investor are you afraid of the investment challenges? Are you afraid of the lack of regulatory clarity, facing difficulty in storing crypto tokens and valuing startups and assets, getting right information at right time and so on? Do not to worry! If you want to invest in cryptocurrency Daneel Assistant Company is the best option for you, it is a trustworthy source for investors. Daneel is fully aware about all the challenges faced by investors in today’s market. Daneel is Watson based and created to help investors who want to invest in cryptocurrency. Daneel is now accessible and available in market. Daneel is web based and also available in mobile application soon. Daneel job is to democratize cryptocurrency in order to make it easily available to mass market investors, by suggesting a considerate and modern way out for cryptocurrency investors.


A noteworthy worry for every investor is approaching a complete, dependable and quick wellspring of data is an essential piece of the basic process in digital currency contributing. With the improvement of the advanced world and the expanding “datafication” of our general public, data is becoming more instantly available to each person, through trade stages, web-based social networking, particular print media, TV programs, gatherings of influencers, informal exchange and more. Not a day passes by without being overwhelmed with data! Bits of gossip and clashing or controlled data can fundamentally impact the buy and offer of digital money for various speculators. In this case Daneel is much needed to every unprofessional cryptocurrency investor.

 Following are the few of Daneel’s advantages, they are providing to their users:

* Provide appropriate information about your every concern, answer various questions about cryptocurrencies and other governmental aspects related to your investment.

*  Alarm you when one of your ventures is in peril

*  Investigate and guarantee unwavering quality of all information

*  Analyze the market through it “Social Emotion Indicator”

  • Intelligent personal assistant based on Watson

*  Stay up to date with market capitalization

*  Rate the reliability of the currency

*  Monitor and track the investments of skilled investors for you

*  Place orders in one click

*  Provide right information at the right time

*  Provide continuous updates to each investors

*  Provide custom-made pointers for investors

Invest easily and safely with Daneel. Daneel administration will be available by means of a month to month, quarterly or yearly membership. Just DAN tokens will enable the client to buy in and get advantage from it. These DAN tokens will have the capacity to be obtained through investing in the Initial Coin Offering operation just around the corner or buying tokens on exchanging stages on which DAN will be incorporated.

Daneel Token Purchase/ Sales Beginning Process:


Daneel is responsible for providing daily assistance in the world of cryptocurrency. Daneel is not for the professional cryptocurrency or bitcoin investors. Daneel is offering its technology to non-professionals. Daneel is basically for investors who are previously occupied in trading rooms. Elaborately investors profile includes beginner, intermediate and advanced users.


Daneel’s Partners:
In order to speed up Daneel’s development, Daneel did partnership with already established international organizations including IBM and other largest ecosystems of actors in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency sector: CryptoValley and Bitcoin Association of Switzerland and also plan to have partnership with Microsoft. Thanks to IBM and other largest ecosystems because now Daneel have resources to develop their self more and more by every passing day.


Daneel is connected with different outside service providers to improve its working. Some of these external service providers give important and consistently refreshed informational indexes, by enabling access specifically to advertise costs, data connected to ICOs, newsfeed. Few of external service providers are NEWSBTC, Coindesk, BITCOIN Magazine, BRAVE NEWCOIN., TokenMarket, CryptoWatch, ICO BAZAAR and others.


Future Planning:

Daneel launches its recruitment campaign and planning to continue it throughout this New Year as well with working on data collection reliability. Daneel is also planning to launch of the development of the automated system for gathering and analyzing the information and development of different applications along with working on its improvement.


Contact Daneel:


Social networks:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/daneelproject

Facebook: www.facebook.com/daneelproject

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/11348931/

Telegram: t.me/projectdaneel & t.me/DaneelCommunity

Whitepaper: https://daneel.io/whitepaper

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