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AMLT made by the perceived Blockchain Regtech pioneer Coinfirm, AMLT is the main devoted token that will guarantee straightforwardness and democratization of the monetary framework by permitting market members to help decide the potential danger of other. AMLT access rights to the already established network of the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform and it lays foundation for a mechanism by which network members can provide data and ratings on other market participants into the network in return for AMLT. AMLT is an access token for the The Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform www.coinfirm.io and the token by which the financial system can be more transparent and democratic.


A worldwide RegTech industry concentrated on AML/CTF for Blockchain, a perceived influencer in the Blockchain/Virtual Currency and RegTech industry. it is driven by pioneers and experts from AML, consistence, against misrepresentation and Blockchain enterprises. Accomplices and customers go from significant cryptographic money players, for example, Dash and RSK to extensive monetary organizations, for example, SEI.

AMLT Objective:

The objective of AMLT is to assemble an open worldwide standard for the straightforwardness of cryptocurrencies and carry them into the standard in a protected, productive and powerful way.

AMLT Mission:

We believe that personal freedom and innovation need to coexist with general rules of wider society in a sustainable way.

Why to Choose AMLT/ AMLT Benefits

  • AMLT is the token for prepaid items and access rights to the officially energetic system of the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform
  • It’s a majority rule system, organize members get AMLT for giving appraisals and data on particular locations
  • It permits consistence and straightforwardness in all exchange circumstances
  • AMLT constructs a safe system that gives straightforwardness to the digital currency world
  • AMLT helps advertise members get to information about the hazard identified with virtual monetary forms
  • Utilize AMLT to acquire reports and to completely profit by the cryptographic money economy.
  • It brings productivity and viability of AML/CTF consistence and democratization for showcase members all inclusive
  • Give streamlined access to reports and information for AML/CTF consistence purposes for digital forms of money
  • Give clients a critical and dynamic part in building the straightforward new period of back and an establishment for the mass appropriation of blockchain and digital currencies
  • Blockchain environment that turns into the worldwide AML/CTF standard for blockchain

AMLT Token

Token sale opening date: 12. Dec 2017

Token sale closing date: 30. Jan 2018

Partners of Token Sale:


How to Join AMLT

A Participant who wants to become an AMLT Network Member and become a compliant, active part of the system needs to pass the on boarding process:


Tokens available to public at launch: 210,000,000 Data rewards pool for Network Members: 120,000,000 (distributed monthly by the smart contract) Consultants/Advisors: 2% Ambassadors/Referrals: 1% Founding Team: 10% (with lockup period) Dev team and bonuses: 4% (with lockup period) Charity: 0,5% Total AMLT Tokens generated in smart contract: 400,000,000

Buy AMLT With Ether:

Terms  —->Token Address —–>Notification Email —>Confirm Email—–>Buyer Information—->Payment


Coinfirm’s team consists of professionals and entrepreneurs with vast business and compliance experience, supported by great tech and blockchain specialists:


  • Pawe l Kuskowski: Co-Founder and CEO
  • Pawe l Aleksander: Co-Founder and CIO
  • Grant Blaisdell: Co-Founder and CMO
  • Jakub Fijo lek: Co-Founder and CTO
  • Maciej lkowski: Co-Founder
  • Ben Brophy: Delivery Director

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STK (Token by STACK)

(AMLT Official Project Website)

About STK:

STACK is another platform to finance, based on the possibility that utilizing your cash ought to be free. , STACK is Universally available, it’s another option to customary keeping money that enables you to store your cash securely, get to it immediately and execute with it anyplace, in any money including crypto, ideal from your smartphone.To make moment installments at purpose of offer from a blockchain wallet requires we complete a constant trade of digital currency into fiat. The STK token gives access to our state channels which guarantee there is adequate digital money (i.e. Bitcoin, Ether) in the advanced wallet.

STK Vision:

Worldwide Payment’s vision is to make an all inclusive open other option to conventional managing an account, enabling you to store your cash securely, get to it in a split second and execute with it anyplace, in any money including crypto by utilizing the STK token, ideal from your cell phone, utilizing the STACK application. Making a computerized wallet as a friend to a conventional card arrangement, the STACK application empowers you to utilize any of your monetary forms at purpose of offer, anyplace on the planet.


Contact STK:


Contact AMLT:

LONDON: Canary Wharf – Level 39
One Canada Square – E14 5AB

WARSAW: Coinfirm Blockchain Lab
Burakowska 15

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