Seal ICO Review and Seal Tokensale

Seal ICO Review

The industrial revolution and advance communication technology drastically affect the improvement of manufacturing industry. Though the revolution brings lots of pros, it accompanies several cons for the manufacturers. Imitated/counterfeiting production is the biggest threat to the industry. Both the manufacturers and the consumers are badly affected due to this issue. Even though there are several anti-counterfeiting techniques, they haven’t been able to offer a comprehensive resolution. The seal is the new era of anti-counterfeiting. This is a Blockchain based decentralized authentication and service platform which enables the customer to buy trusted products and manufacturer to distinguish their products from others.

deficulties of genuine products

Seal integrate NFC chips, seal app, seal token and seal network which is based on Blockchain technology to provide a comprehensive, realistic and secured way in product authentication.  Those four components are strengthening the eco-system as follows.

Seal Platform

Seal Chip

  • Brand issue a certificate of authentication for each product which keeps the records of product’s unique values
  • Seal chip possesses the ability to capture the above values when the authentication process is running

Brand App

  • Interact Seal Chip and Brand network
  • Enable unique products to be linked with smart contracts

Seal network

  • Authentication and verification process runs on the Seal network
  • Possesses the ability to keep records of each transaction

Seal Token

  • Interact each party in the eco-system
  • Can be used to pay for services

Seal Token

Seal is not just a way of product verification. It accompanies lots of benefits for its users. They are;

  • Users can check the authenticity of the product
  • Keep the records of ownership and track transfers
  • If the product is lost or stolen, it can be marked as stolen
  • Replace the product, if the product is scanned with a safety issue or defect after the sale
  • The network provides time series product analysis on different brands
  • Tokens can be used in platform transactions    

Seal network is owned by Bloomsix Company which is engaged in mobile game development from 2008. This is an independent company located in Amsterdam. It possesses following features.

  • Powered by Ethereum Blockchain
  • High transaction speed
  • Use smart contracts
  • Use token which is built on ERS20

Seal has developed an own Cryptocurrency which operates on tokens. Tokens can be used for different purposes within the platform. Users can be entered into the network using seal tokens. Initially, it can be used to pay for seal services. The futuristic Seal team expects to add much more features in the future.   

1.2 Bn tokens would be issued and out of that 492 Mn (41%) would be available in token sales. Remaining Tokens would be distributed as follows.

  • 13% of team and advisors
  • 7% of influencers   
  • 22% would be reserved for future operations
  • 17% would be reserved for research and developments

Seal management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing.  Following is a small explanation about few team members.

Bart Verschoor – Chief Executive Officer

Bart is a graduate of the University of Groningen in marketing intelligence and he is the co-founder of Bloomsix and Seal Network.

Joris Verschoor – Chief operating and technical officer

Joris is an expert in technology and he is passionate about Blockchain, startups, and entrepreneurship. He is the co-founder of USAS venture, MediHove B.V, and Bloomsix.

The team works with the mission of “creating a more genuine world out of love for creation”. In the journey of the genuine world, they have build up the below milestones.

  • The first commercial products will be deployed on the network by quarter 3
  • Extra services will be added to the network by the 1st quarter of 2019
  • Analytics dashboard would be added to quarter 3

For More Details of Seal:

Official Website:
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