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The growth of capitalist economy is deeply dynamical the world economic model. This hasn’t stopped with the most important establishments and multinationals that are created, managed and LED through giant capitalization; it’s exceeded this to become the quality for all startups and medium comes, even individual ones.

Loligo may be a revolutionary platform that ensures the sleek operation of ICOs through innovative staggered contracts and below the management of the participants. Squid permits each community and centralized approaches whereas reaping the foremost advantages. In observe, it is a cryptocurrency supported a public and ASCII text file blockchain, go by a corporation that is a personal representative.

LOLIGO Ecosystem

Loligo may be a suburbanized launching platform for ICOs that’s truthful, peer-to-peer and blockchain-based. Blockchain implements sensible contracts allowing a phased unleash of funds collected for the ICO whereas, at identical time, a collective right of withdrawal. The token is each mineable and environmentally friendly, intense very little energy because of twin mining. Miners will sell the tokens on recognized exchanges, and people are going to be able to use them to participate in fundraising, together with those related to with the ICOSafe program. A variety of services is on the market to facilitate governmental adoption of ICOs. The platform is open supply and free.

Hidden below a crypto-acronym or selling campaign on social networks, the identity of a promoter might stay unknown or maybe risky. The creation of a corporation isn’t needed by the community; it’s able to issue a token associated launch an ICO while not formally revealing its identity. To date, there are no reliable thanks to determine a project leader.

ICOs may be achieved through direct sales. This method is principally supported the arrogance participants have within the company that’s leading the project. The purchased tokens usually don’t seem to be inside any blockchain; they’re merely set within the information of the ICO launcher. This approach is employed less and zest, because of the arrival of sensible contracts.

This Platform permits users to:

  • Finally Solve the ICO safety drawback, called DAICO.
  • Add controls and access constraints to the blockchain
  • need standards within the launch method and therefore the code of contracts
  • contour the launch method by shaping steps and imposing rules
  • Establish a good management model unmatched with the far-famed DAO
  • guarantee optimum performance, because of the dedicated ICO network
  • inure the formal adoption of ICO by nations


Difference of Loligo from Other Blockchain platforms


Loligo may be a public and open supply blockchain that targets a community-wide adoption. the most token is mineable.

Store important

Unlike “utility tokens,” whose emission is controlled by one line of code, squid may be a true digital media worth storage, a bit like gold or Bitcoin.


Limited provide

The number of squid tokens is ready ahead. No changes square measure allowable. No hidden inflation is formed.


As with Bitcoin, issue of squid decreases with increasing issue that adapts to the general hash rate.

No further Premining

Several currencies have used premining. This observes is expounded to reservation scams and abuse of unsold tokens usually unbroken once the ICO.


Unlike several far-famed cryptocurrencies whose mining portion reserved by the founder generally reaches 2 hundredth, like Z cash, all compensation from squid mining is on the market completely to the laborer.


Through its staggered contract, squid is that the solely thanks to guarantee a good and balanced relationship between the project launcher and investors.


Loligo isn’t influenced by any entity or agency. The DAO construct is completely far from the governance protocol.

Dedicated Network

Unlike alternative currencies, the squid blockchain is devoted completely to the launch of ICOs.

Security Governance

Despite widespread, common adoption, policies and selections associated with the evolution of additional ancient currencies stay unclear.

Professional Support

Through its parent company, squid offers direct skilled support to investors.

Next-Generation Tools

Absent quality tools, observation and management of blockchain ICOs nowadays remains tough or not possible




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