Payment Porte Digital Payment Solutions for Shipping 2020

Digital Payment Solutions

Payment Porte is a basic platform that helps Digital Payment Solutions and you to connect with the digital world without even having a basic knowledge on technology. Now you can use digital solutions, utilize a decentralized, public blockchain and distributed ledger technology which will permits the business people to modernize while increasing the efficiency and leading the business to gain profits easily and faster.

Moreover, you can send money around the world and transfer virtual assets easily with the use of this. Therefore, this system will definitely make your busy life easier, faster, and affordable, with a great security system with cross border payment gateway for modern enterprises, port maritime industries, importers and exporters who are involved in international trade cargo.

PAYMENT PORTE Digital Payment Solutions

This system is a Panama based fintech startup. It provides a solution for difficulties in cross border payments in the shipping industry by introducing a Blockchain based payment gateway with a utility token. The goal is to interrupt the outdated, unhurried, costly, changeable and impervious cross border payment services with the power of stellar Blockchain. However, as we mentioned before it comes as a cross border payment method to send and receive international currency and virtual asset transfer solution provider across the globe catering in P2P and B2B decentralized money transfer.

This is a great opportunity and well-built platform to the small business owners and small enterprises to exchange money around the world. Now you can expand your business globally with the help of this system. Basically, what happens here is that that they link your bank and wallet to the Payment Porte which will help you to link with any company around the world. So to the ones who worried of experience and education to link your business and exchange money internationally this will definitely be a great news.

The features of Digital Payment Solutions

  • They posses a decentralized cost and resource saver.
  • They have very high security methods in connecting and linking with other companies in doing their transactions.
  •  They follow secure and encrypted methods. 
  • They possess mobile apps available on both iOS and Android and web apps which will help people to link with their payment Porte account very easily and securely.
  • They are available with both debit and credit card payments.
  • As it uses P2P and B2B transaction method there is no failures or interruption in between transactions.

Their services and advantages of Digital Payment Solutions

  • They use a special token, off-ramp (multi-currency) to bank account
  • You can purchase them via BTC, BCH, ETH, XLM, or USDC virtual assets
  • Handover of virtual financial assets to bifold wallet for payment transfer and store in a complimentary wallet
  • Multi-signature feature for payment transfers
  • Smart contract is generated and holds payments in escrow until those conditions for release are met.
  • Integrated KYC & AML verification in user account setup


  • They have built their partnership with corporations, companies, foundations, government commissions, technology and other payment companies.
  • They also got a new partnership with payment Porte Inc. and However, this company is a company that holds a long history which possesses a large number of great technical advisors with expert knowledge on blockchain.

However, by understanding all the factors discussed above it is clear that Payment Porte is a great platform for emerging businessmen and for small business owners and enterprises to expand and start their business in an international level. You can get more information about this platform via their main website by clicking the link given below.

You can contact them to know more about the system and you can start by signing up with them. So good luck in your new experience!

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