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The current total value of all cryptocurrencies has so much exceeded $280 billion. Among all of those cryptocurrencies, bitcoin stands out with over five hundredth of the market share. At identical time, new cryptocurrencies keep running into the market. Bitcoin derivatives are getting into the market. Regulated exchanges like CBOE and CME followed one another in listing bitcoin futures. Cryptocurrency commerce has been terribly active. Nearly sixty cryptocurrencies boast average daily commerce volume of ten million bucks. Such active commerce leads additional and additional commerce exchanges getting into the market.

There square measure presently 2 styles of cryptocurrency commerce exchanges, centralized exchanges and distributed exchanges. Every sort has its benefits and drawbacks. A distributed exchange is typically supported distributed ledger technology. It runs on its own. It doesn’t would like individuals to keep up its operation. Trader’s quality on a distributed exchange is command in his own account. The exchange doesn’t have access to that. Traders trade directly with one another on a distributed exchange. The benefits of distributed exchange square measure terribly obvious. Trader’s quality is well protected; commerce and clearing prices square measure low; traders will freely be part of and leave, and that they will trade with anyone within the world as long because the different party additionally uses identical exchange.

DAEX as an answer

DAEX is producing a higher infrastructure for the cryptocurrency commerce business by taking afford to make components of the thought securities commerce business and by taking benefits of latest opportunities led to by the distributed ledger technology. Specifically, commerce and clearing are going to be separated into totally different entities. Current centralized exchanges can still give commerce service. However the clearing works are going to be handled over to a typical clearing service that relies on the DAEX answer. But, totally different from current centralized clearing services, the DAEX clearing service relies on distributed ledger technology. The distributed ledger technology guarantees that trades square measure properly and safely cleared and settled. The DAEX answer is going to be associate degree open sourced clearing service supported a public blockchain. Its code is open for public scrutiny and supervising.

DAEX Wallet

The DAEX Solution

DAEX scheme consists of a clearing service that’s supported distributed ledger technology, centralized exchanges and user wallets. Traders use their wallets to perform trades on exchanges. Once trades square measure matched at exchanges, exchanges send matched trades to the clearing service. The clearing service CaaS is performed by good contracts on the distributed ledger technology. Throughout the initial part of DAEX, cryptocurrencies are going to be serviceable. Throughout future phases of DAEX, cryptocurrency derivatives are going to be serviceable. That is, DAEX can give clearing service for cryptocurrency derivatives listed on exchanges.

Advantages of DAEX


  • Secure


Participating exchanges should meet the business and technology necessities of the scheme; therefore the standard of commerce service is maintained. User’s assets square measure all stayed the blockchain. Assets cannot be enraptured while not user’s admission.


  • Trust


Decoupling between commerce and clearing is that the best thanks to guarantee the protection of client commerce assets. The insurance fund contributed by collaborating exchanges provides another layer of safety.


  • Open


Exchanges that participate within the DAEX scheme will use all merchandise and services provided by DAEX, as well as wallets and clearing. Secondly, collaborating exchanges will expect to use additional price accessorial services DAEX goes to produce, as well as cryptocurrency derivatives commerce.



For More Details of DAEX:
Official Website: https://www.daex.io
DAEX Paper: https://www.daex.io/daexPaper.do
Telegram: https://t.me/DAEXOfficial_en
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2910479.0



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