Advantages of RedCab Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Transportation Platform

RedCab Advantages

RedCab is a new age futuristic solution to the problems faced in the transport mainly cabs industry. It was introduced as a more personalized, faster, safer and more secure alternative to the Ride-hailing apps that dominate the online taxi landscape. The main aim of Red Cab is to provide decentralization and transparency through the blockchain.


Redcab was developed on the basis of three questions – whether people want it, whether it solves a problem and if it is affordable. Redcab gives its users the following,

  • More profits for drivers and savings for consumers.
  • Network dominance by balancing reliability and supply.
  • A community-driven decentralized solution ensuring transparency.
  • An AI-powered assistant to provide a better user experience.


Redcab has developed an innovative solution based on detailed research into customer trends and this affordable and safe model meets everyone’s requirements be they individuals, families or groups.

Cars are also categorized depending on the user’s need and cuts across all segments with focus only on good travel experience.

  • Economy Cab – Focus on affordability. Lower fuel consumption implies lower fares. It is usually used for city or short trips.
  • Luxury Cab – Focus is on extravagance and luxury. Generally used when users want to arrive in style.
  • Family Cab – Focus on inclusiveness. Larger vehicles that can seat all member of the family, include special care for kids or senior citizens and is suitable for longer journeys.
  • Red Cab  – The ultimate user experience in luxury Supercars that costs more and allows the driver to earn more too.

These services allow users to have a more enriching and efficient experience on Red Cab and thus build the community of users and drivers.


As compared to the other Ride hailing services available today, Red Cab can offer users much more.

Transparency – A major issue with most services is transparency. Red Cab is designed in such a way that users can track the driver and his actions and also see that there are no other frivolous charges levied on users.

Cost efficiency – Red Cab offers its users free trips with higher usage in addition to its lower pricing. This ensures more savings for the customer and earnings for drivers. Red Cab does not levy Surge Price or dynamic rates.

Time efficient – Red Cab is more time efficient as compared to its peers. It takes users less time to start his or her rides and only levies cancellation fees when users cancel orders frivolously. Rewards are also meted out for adhering to minimal wait time.

Rewards and loyalty program – Red Cab employs a comprehensive loyalty program that incentivizes users to join the evergrowing community. Rewards are gained for setting drop-off locations, submitting feedback and NPS, and token points for as long as the referee uses the platform. Proof of Marketing and Proof of driving are also employed.

Drivers also gain numerous benefits from using Red Cab. These include,

Earnings – Since Red Cab does not levy any commissions or take a cut of the fee paid by customers the whole amount goes to the driver, which means more earnings for them. Rewards are also available depending on feedback and activity.

Efficient Working – On Red Cab drivers are ensured of more rides in the time they are available as well as flexible working hours. This is targetted mainly at part-timer seeking to earn some extra money.

Variety – RedCab gives its drivers more options in choosing the type of rides and vehicles they wish to use.

Rewards – Red Cab drivers have the possibility of earning more through rewards and loyalty schemes.

Red Cab offers an all in one solution with its geo-ads system allowing hotels, malls, cafes etc to provide their information and push products on the Red Cab Mobile App. These entities are also offered benefits like reliable and efficient service providers and delivery personnel as they are engaged only beyond pre-defined thresholds. Restaurants without dedicated delivery fleets can make maximum savings at maximum efficiency. They are also likely to earn more through promotional ads and discounts on the platform.

Red Cab also offers sustainable services like carpooling, scheduling and luxury rides. Through partnerships with vendors delivery, recommendations of hotels and pickups are also provided.

The use of technology like Deep learning, AI, and neural networks means that users are shown results depending on their behavior and previous transactions. This ensures that unnecessary clutter can be removed. AI assistants and special learning algorithms mean that the user is always given a satisfactory experience.

Overall it can be seen that Red Cab is an alternative to the present ride-hailing services with the focus on decentralization and transparency through the use of blockchain technology. It employs a suitable incentive system in order to increase the size of its community and with new enterprising developers joining in, it aims to tackle social traffic issues like traffic jams, poor mapping, and security during rides.

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