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What is Tradeplayz

Global gaming and trading market are widely spreading with the development of mobile application. It is expected to be developed further. But the players and the traders are still worried about the transparency, profitability, legality etc. Even though there were gaming and trading platforms developed, they haven’t been able to address all these problems at once. TradePlayz has been developed the solution for that. Tradeplayz is developing a Blockchain based fantasy trading and investment platform to worldwide traders and players.  This platform integrates mobile gaming and mobile trading industries together through Blockchain technology by which eliminate machine players and all the games held between real players.

TradePlayz has been able to distinguish themselves from others by adding following features.

  • Transparency – Blockchain technology possesses the ability to archive and verify historical information in a secured manner.
  • Honesty – All the players are real people. Because of that no one can manipulate information and wouldn’t be able to gain any advantage for any reason other than the knowledge and skill.
  • Profitability – Low entry fee and higher profit margins give the opportunity to maximize the rewards.
  • Global involvement – This is a global application. Because of that players can access a large market.
  • The wide variety of Competitions – Each player can participate in the variety of competitions and each tournament will generate profits.
  • Games are conducted and based on real-time

TradePlayz has introduced TradePlayz tokens (ZED) backed by Ethereum network, as their official currency within the platform. This is the currency participants can utilize to pay an entry fee and to earn rewards. ZED is a unique cryptocurrency and it belongs following unique features.

  • A personal wallet will be created for each member
  • A private key will be given
  • The token can be purchased using Bitcoin, Ethereum or real money
  • All the information will be kept in the blockchain based user account
  • Tokens will be stored in private wallets and can be transferred to personal wallets after the token sale

The team comprises with highly qualified and experienced professionals in legal, financial, technology, online communication, and online gaming.  Following is a small explanation on the Co-founders. Please visit their website or see the white paper for more details.

Alex Vinokurov – CEO & Founder

Alex is an expert in finance and he possesses more than ten years of experiences in Forex trading. In 2015 he developed a single service for binary options. In 2016 it was successfully sold and integrated with a European broker company.

Michael Todd – Corporate Business Development Director

Michael is an expert in international business development, branding, designing, marketing and investment management. He possesses more than ten years of experience as a business developer.

The team is confident that they would be able to develop a comprehensive solution for online traders and gamers. They have launched the token sale and will be kept open until 8th April 2018. After that, they have planned to launch the mobile application of the platform. Then the tournaments would be launched soon.

For More Information About TradePlayz-Platform: Official Website

Tradeplayz-official Twitter


Tradeplayz Telegram

Read Tradeplayz Whitepaper: Click Here


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