【AMA Review】Cocos-BCX Amanda:Summarize 2020 and welcome 2021 with a brand new look


At the end of 2020 and when the New Year in 2021 is approaching, we held an AMA in English Telegram from 20:30–21:30 on December 30th,2020(UTC+8).Cocos-BCX Operations Supervisor Amanda was in the [COCOS Community AMA] live broadcast sharing, tolk about the 2020 annual summary and 2021 New Year plan.The contents are organized as follows:


Hello everyone!This is Coke,your old friend. Time flies,I have been with you for a whole year without paying too

much attention.Life is up and down.I turned to be the green hat in your mouth, the scumbag in your mouth, and the object of your spit and vent.

Sometimes, people yell at me’ you are just an admin,call your supervisor to talk to us’;Also,there are some who will say, don’t make it harsh to admins, it’s not easy life on him as well.These are all different situations happened on me, I am not trying to say right or wrong here but what important for me is to help you to send your feedback to our team and solve your problems.I hope everyone will still joke around in the future like a family,and of course will accompany Cocos-BCX to grow up.

I have already been the host of COCOS AMA for six episodes .This is also the last one of 2020 [COCOS Community AMA].I hope everyone will have a good time in this AMA.

At the end of 2020 and the upcoming 2021, we also need to make a summary and plan for the new year.Therefore, from 20:30–21:30 on December 30th,2020(UTC+8), Amanda,Cocos-BCX Operation Supervisor,will be in the [6th COCOS Community AMA] to share with our Chinese Telegram group community users.

As I have said all that I have to say, we will have Amanda,our Cocos-BCX Operation Supervisor, please share the 2020 annual summary and 2021 New Year plan.


Hello, good evening Cocosians!

In this tough 2020, our biggest wish left to us is to be alive. From the outbreak of the pandemic in January 2020, the intensification of the pandemic in February, and the relief in May, after a few months of repeated cycles, the current pandemic has not yet been completely resolved. Fortunately, where we live now is still very strong, and everyone is united, persevering, and doing a very good pandemic prevention job.

Comparatively, Cocos-BCX’s 2020 is not ordinary as well. A lot of things have happened, not just joys,there are also things we have never expected.The joy and difficulty of the process, I believe only those of you who have been with us are very clear.We really appreciate your support, understanding and accompany.I want to sincerely say thank you!

Luckily,In 2020, the Cocos-BCX MainNet still has made progress in mapping, ecological Builders&Angels plan, node election policy, DApp, market circulation and global community. Thanks to the team and community users for your support.

1. Cocos-BCX (COCOS) MainNet switchover is complete


On December 12th,2019, Cocos-BCX announced that version 1.0 of the MainNet “Kai Rinpoche” was officially launched. After 2 months of smooth trial operation, the COCOS migration from ERC20 tokens to Cocos-BCX mainnet tokens was officially launched on February 27th, and Binance, Hufu, and Bitpie wallets all completed Cocos-BCX (COCOS) MainNet switching .

2. Cocos-BCX MainNet data


On December 14th,2020,according to the latest data from the CocosABC blockchain explorer, the Cocos-BCX block height reached 16,177,694, which exceeded 16 million. Subsequently, the transaction volume of Cocos-BCX MainNet blocks reached 7,007,549, which exceeded 7 million.

3. Launch of the COCOS MainNet ecological Builders&Angels incentive plan

On March 24th, the official release of [MainNet] COCOS Ecological Builders&Angels Incentive Optimization 2.0, and in the subsequent phases, a total of 53 ecological Builders&Angels were announced in 4 phases in June, August and October respectively.Rankings and rewards of ecological Builders&Angels in third phase issued a total of 2,46,100,000 COCOS.

4. Cocos-BCX MainNet node election voting is officially launched


On May 11th,Cocos-BCX MainNet node election voting was officially launched.11 active BPs and 11 councils are voted by the community to maintain the Cocos-BCX network and ecological governance, provide computing power, bandwidth, and storage support for the main network, participate in the resolution of proposals, parameter configuration and other matters in the chain, and promote Cocos-BCX MainNet ecology to develop healthily.

Up to now, the Cocos-BCX MainNet node policy has been running smoothly for half a year, and most of the nodes and board members are participated and supported by early Cocos-BCX investment institutions.

If you are interested, please go to visit and follow instructions below:

5. Cocos-BCX MainNet DApp is progressing smoothly


In 2020, the Cocos-BCX MainNet has launched a number of diverse and high-quality games developed by ecological Builders&Angels , such as “Crypto Knights”, “The Dragon Must Die”, “Monster World”, “Panda Games” and “Go Block”etc.Cocos-BCX Wallet & Data Zone & Block Explorer and other functions are supported by multiple parties, such as DAppReview, Bitpie Wallet, DAPPX, CrossWallet, and DAppBirds.Users can quickly experience Cocos-BCX ecological DApps, and can also store COCOS with more equipment storage selections.

6. Increased COCOS market circulation


On May 18th,COCOS was launched on the main board area of ​​the MXC platform, and the COCOS/USDT and COCOS/BTC trading markets were opened. On June 3rd, COCOS was launched in the Bikanbibi trading zone, opening the COCOS/USDT trading pair.

7. NFT layout and landing


Cocos-BCX is launched on the NFT mall. During major holidays,users can exchange NFTs obtained through purchases or games to exchange for actual festivals, COCOS and limited peripherals.The COCOS NFTs that have been implemented and started to use are: Chain Game Badge NFT, Pizza Festival NFT, Chidren’s day Lollipop NFT and Dragon Boat Festival 2020 NFT.

8. Support high-quality DeFi products


At 8 pm on September 22nd, the first DeFi+NFT decentralized AMM token exchange protocol CROSWAP, invested by Cocos-BCX Ecosystem, was officially launched.In the same period, two pledged mining projects Cocos Financial Share and 36K were also launched. On the first day, CROSWAP pledged more than 1.5 billion COCOS; on September 24th,the first DeFi project of the Cocos-BCX ecosystem, CROSWAP, locked up CFS over 2.7 billion COCOS.

9. Cocos-BCX 2020 Winning awards


In 2020, Cocos-BCX has also been recognized well by the industry, won the prize of

“The most influential public chain in 2020”,” the innovation technology award in 2020 “and “the top 100 blockchain enterprises in 2020” issued by Jinse Finance;

In addition to the progress made in the above areas, we also encountered challenges and difficulties in 2020, such as

1 billion COCOS was stolen from wallet addresses in April; During the National Day Cocos-BCX DeFi ecological boom, some accidents occurred on the Cocos-BCX MainNet; when the contraction was approaching, hackers launched multiple attacks using complex strategies,The illegal withdrawal of funds from the account on the user chain, thus creating a deposit worth about 800 million COCOS tokens.

Although such accidents have been encountered in the development process of many other chains, we have realized some problems after the above setbacks, and we have no reason to face them and solve them.Appreciate you all for giving us enough understanding and support.Many thanks.

In 2021, we will solve the COCOS reduction issue as soon as possible, and I believe that everyone will see the result before the Chinese New Year.Good News is, we signed contracted with Binance already, so everything should be ready right at the corner.Meanwhile, in 2021, our focus is to increase integration and cooperation with other main chains, such as ETH, Binance Smart Chain and other mature public chains, and we have started and completed it in the first two months. Part of the work will be executed at a more appropriate time after the reduction is completed.I hope that in 2021, everyone can see the new Cocos-BCX.

Year after year, with time flies quickly, Cocos-BCX is growing up strongly,we all appreciate much for your accompany! My sharing is almost over.Regarding Cocos-BCX’s plans for 2021 or in the future, if you have any better suggestions, please feel free to communicate with me or other admins.We will actively adopt and take your advice.

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