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Cryptocurrency and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) have unlimited, world-changing potential. However, to win mass market charm they have to elevate the buyer expertise. No cryptocurrency or DLT-based applications have established effective for daily use. The blockchain scheme desires a suburbanised counterpart to everyday cash — a really mass-market cryptocurrency with distributed utilization.

Today, three main hurdles sub the means of mass shopper attraction. The established blockchain networks area unit too slow for micro-payments. Today’s confirmation model cannot contend with or displace centralized payment networks like VISA and MasterCard. Cryptocurrency is difficult to grasp, obtain, and use. Its true edges and claims solely manifest at scale. For this reason, the demand for cryptoassets comes principally from investors, not customers. Currency may be a deep social franchise nevertheless no markets have emerged to produce a utility for daily exchange. The market of products and services that may be bought with cryptocurrencies is non-existent.

Alfa Enzo is unambiguously positioned to ascertain the primary mass-market cryptocurrency by providing a novel distributed commerceecosystem5 that delivers on these properties at the commencement. Experience in Human laptop Interaction (HCI), mesh networking, software system style, encryption, and distributed knowledge models have enabled United States to make EON, a quick and multi-blockchain setting on a helpful platform that creates sense to the common user. EON is often considered a suburbanised social marketplace and worth transfer system of a brand new suburbanised economy. At its heart area unit firmly stock-still first-principle concepts6 to assist it scale and integrate into any application across the scheme.

Introducing the Enzo Open Network (EON). EON may be a distributed and open scheme designed to reinforce lifestyle by facultative the info and other people to conjointly perform as one universal free-market across time. On EON, knowledge is separated from the Platforms so it are often managed by personal Blockchains. At the guts of EON is that the revolutionary time-based EON Protocol that gives a secure Transfer Layer and knowledge Model across the scheme to deliver a unified and verifiable expertise for all users.

Alfa-Enzo Platform

In order to support the network load from daily exchanges, we’d like a distributed model to facilitate international commerce with superior speed, incentivization structure, transparency, resiliency, and adaptability. The EON blockchain is made to support this purposeful level with the subsequent design:

Infinite Personal Chain (IPC)

On EON, every user receives a non-public blockchain anchored by a master chain. This configuration provides people full management of their knowledge whereas cross-chain smart contracts will produce verifiable programmable interfaces (VPI) between peers.

Reverse Mining

EON miners — stochastically chosen across the network — earn Enzos by resolution a CAPTCHA puzzle that helps the CPU they’re victimisation to verify a dealing and add it to the general public ledger.

Proof-of-Activity (PoA)

EON combines Proof of Stake and Work to make AN Activity price function12 that governs an economic layer that offers everybody a good probability to earn Enzos on the network.

Atomic Commit

EON uses off-chain payment channels coupled by smart-contracts to make sure that transactions between any 2 instances of a blockchain can perpetually be processed right away, in spite of the dimensions of the network or the worth size.


On EON, Samaritans area unit is equivalent of nodes. They will be known as on to verify transactions and yet as verify activities within the planet. The helper Protocol needs the node’s acceptance, and can be finite by a smart-contract.


Handshake may be a patent-pending protocol for the peer-to-peer exchange of physical product. The protocol helps to make sure safety once meeting face-to-face for any reasonably product exchange.

Society has transitioned across multiple stores of import throughout history—none have ever been dead secure. Cryptocurrency is that the 1st currency that’s suburbanised, digital, and absolutely secure.

In addition to payments for all digital and physical assets sold-out by individual merchants at intervals the Alfa Enzo scheme and on different dApps integrated with EON, Enzo (NZO) are used as:

  • Commission paid to EON nodes for process transactions and sensible contracts;
  • Stakes deposited by nodes to be eligible to validate sure transactions;
  • Payment for services provided by apps engineered on the platform;
  • Payment for storing knowledge firmly in a very suburbanised way;
  • Payment for registering blockchain-based time names;
  • Payment for making advertisements and different services via Push;

Alfa-Enzo Team

Alfa-Enzo Partners

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