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Apollo Exchange Review

Cryptocurrency trade is thriving daily. As per historical information, more than 4 billion USD worth cryptocurrencies are daily traded worldwide. Due to its nature, Cryptocurrency exchanges are inherited with several loopholes such as low liquidity, lack of information, data manipulations and security issues.

Apollo has built up a futuristic solution to overcome above weaknesses and it offers an effective platform for digital asset exchange (DAE) called Apollo DAE.They have integrated Blockchain technology and forex technology to build the platform.

Apollo Platform
Apollo DAE can be distinguished from other online crypto exchanges on following features.

• Lower fees – Blockchain technology eliminate the requirement of intermediaries. So the users would be able to get a massive saving by using this platform.

• 24/7 customer service – The well-trained customer support service providers are readily available at any time.

• Liquid order book – This system connects other exchanges to give rich trading experience.

• New order types – Unique order types will help Apollo investors to trade smarter.

• Knowledgebase – Enable the users to study about digital assets, analyze market trends, see latest updates etc.

• Easy accounts – Potential users can easily sign into the platform and can trade easily after a quick verification process.

Apollo DAE has developed an own Cryptocurrency which operates on tokens.Tokens can be used for different purposes within the platform. They have introduced two types of tokens as follows.DAE Tokens – These are primary tokens which enable the users to exchange within the platform.

AVO Tokens – These Ethereum backed tokens are issued in ICO and non-tradable.Holders are privileged to be involved in the voting process which enables the token holders to participate in platform control.Apollo is issuing 1 Billion DAE tokens and 1 AVO per 1 USD rose through ICO.As well they will issue a bonus token for each token purchase at the ICO, though it is a DAE or AVO. Out of total supply, 50% would be available in ICO, 15% would
be allocated to the team and remaining 35 % would be reserved in Apollo reserve.Funds collecting through the ICO would be allocated for the following purposes proportionately.

• Buildup the exchange connections
• Operations
• Developments of the platform
• Ensure the security requirements
• Marketing, infrastructure and legal compliances

Apollo management team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals in IT, legal, financial, technology, online communication, and marketing. Following is a small explanation about the founder.

Founder of Apollo
Benjamin McDaniel – Founder and principle Architect Benjamin is a multi-skilled professional who is having a handful of experiences in business management, Software development, website management and administration etc. He was the founder and CEO of Benji’s Market. He held the CEO position in several companies throughout the past 10-15 years.


Apollo concept was born in 2017 and the team expects to expand the platform globally. They have lined up the following milestones which are to be achieved in 2018.

• Distributing tokens
• Launching the platform
• Completing mobile app

• Enabling protocol connections
• Expanding DAE Token Blockchain
• Enabling anonymous trading options

Apollo would be able to be the future of crypto exchange by achieving the above milestones.

For More Information About Apollo Crypto Exchange:

Official Website: https://apollodae.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApolloDae

Telegram: https://t.me/apollodae

Github: https://github.com/ApolloDAE/

Whitepaper: https://apollodae.io/whitepaperV2.pdf


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